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  1. I'm about to boil my fourth beer. The first one (American Pale) turned out spectacularly (refrigerator is full of 25 ounce bottles now after testing one), and I've got two others conditioning and looking very encouraging. Time to boil a fourth and get it fermenting. I have three different refills on hand, and I am thinking I'll do the Bavarian Weissbeer for this next one. The question is about the adjuncts. I notice that there are two versions of the Bavarian Weissbeer. The standard one has Brewmax Booster packets. The Deluxe has the LME Softpack. Questions: 1. What is the difference between these two adjunct ingredients in terms of the final outcome, the end product beer? How does each affect the final product? 2. If I used both the LME Softpack and the two Brewmax Boosters together (I have both on hand now, so I could do that tomorrow), would that be a good thing, or a bad thing? If it is a good thing, would it effect the fermenting time and / or the conditioning time? 3. Does the difference between LME Softpack - Golden an LME Softpack - Pale affect the drinking profile of the final product at all, or is it just a color thing? Thanks for any advice!
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