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  1. I contacted them. Thought I would have heard back by now. I think the Coopers bucket fermenter is identical. They have a replacement [spigot] tap that looks like it would work. I contacted them, just waiting to hear back. UPDATE Someone from Coopers [Mr. Beer] got back and said the Coopers DIY Beer Snap Tap is specifically for the BrewMax 6G. I ordered 2.
  2. In 2019 I bought the Mr. Beer 5 Gallon Home Brewing Fermenter and the spigot is starting to leak. Doesn't look like Mr. Beer is selling the 5 gallon fermenters [BrewMax 6G], let alone any accessories for it. I am hoping there are still others using the fermenter that might have had to replace the o-ring. I would think it could be easily replaced, just not sure of the size.
  3. I realize this is an old thread, but I do 2 gallon batches in the 6 gallon Brewmax often [did a Bavarian Pear Wheat recently]. CO2 is heavier than air, so atmospheric air doesn't get into the beer, it is just present above the surface and will take longer to pervade the beer than we typically leave beer in the fermenter. Other factors that effect the volume of CO2 is ABV -- higher percentages increase a larger volume of CO2. Racking your beer into another vessel also increases the risk of oxidation. You really have to try hard to get the O2 to displace the CO2. As long as you are not moving around your fermenter or removing the cover, you'll be fine.
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