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  1. I have the 3G conical. Although I haven't produced any bad beers yet and my neighbors have all liked what I have done. I am not feeling quite ready to jump into full on recipes. I guess I'll try a couple partial mashes first to see how that goes then start full on recipes. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, This may have already been covered and I just couldn't find it. I have only been brewing for a couple months now and decided to go with 5L kegs. The two gallon recipes fill one keg plus four bottles. I really want to get it down to filling two kegs and maybe two 500 ml bottles (only bottling to allow easier sampling by my friends/neighbors). So, my question(s) is this: - I like pilsners such as Urquell, ales such as 1776 or Dales, and Kolsch's. Looking at 2 gallon recipes linked below, is there a way to increase it to 3 gallons with using things such as an extra DME soft pack? If not, how would I go about increasing the fermenting volume to about 3 gallons while preserving the intended taste? https://www.mrbeer.com/shade-tree-kolsch-recipe https://www.mrbeer.com/1776-ale-recipe https://www.mrbeer.com/grand-bohemian-czech-pilsner-deluxe-refill v/r Rotty
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