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  1. Man I did not expect this much response, much thanks to everyone that did. Consider your tips taken, I'll do all you have said to salvage this batch. How much bourbon would you recommend adding to the 2g keg? Cheers
  2. I am on day 26 of fermenting the Oktoberfest mix. I am a first time brewer and followed suggestion off a youtube video, I added 400g dextrose and 200g light dry malt extract. The room it is fermenting in has been between 68-70 on average with some lows down to 64. That is based on a thermometer in the room and I am wondering if I should have found a way to measure the temperature of the liquid in the keg. I tasted the beer after 21 days and it reminded me apples in scent and the taste was sweet and a bit sour. The apple vibe has mellowed since then but is still noticeable, I don't detect any toffee notes. I've heard the actual temperature in the keg can be 10-15 degrees warmer than the room temperature. Do I need to toss this or carry on?
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