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Found 1 result

  1. On 2/8 I mixed up my first batch, Aztec, and put it in the LBK. Had it in a cooler sitting in my kitchen the air temperature, I didn't have a thermometer on the LBK, would have fluctuated from about 64 at night to about 71 during the day. I left it ferment until thursday 2/26, then put it in the fridge to cold crash. Today 2/28 I sterilized my bottles & caps and bottle primed. I then attached a wand I bought to fill the bottles from the bottom. And filled the bottles with the LBK sitting in the fridge, I also took a sample to check with my hydrometer. I was very pleased with the clarity and color of the beer. Also with the volume I bottled 2 - 750ml plastic bottles, 16 - 12oz bottles and 3 - 7oz bottles( this will be my early samples). But I'm not sure about the sample. I waited till it warmed to 70 then checked with the hydrometer. The reading was only about 1.75% that seems low, so I tasted it and although I liked the taste it seemed very cider or green apple to me. Did I cold crash to soon, it was 18 days from filling the LBK to the start of cold crash? Thoughts?
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