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Found 6 results

  1. Basically i was looking into two things. I have a new years club with the mummers. we have kegs, bottle, etc but i wanted to make a micro brew that would be this is Cara Liom "Good Friends of mine" a staple of our private club. I was looking at the 6g kits to buy. However when i see a refill they are mostly the same more over if i wanted the Calavera Spiced Chile Stout refill how many would i have to put in for 6g?
  2. I am going to bottle my first batch of Mr Beer tomorrow. I have the 750 o2 Pet Bottles. The recipe was Horses Ass First Question what is the difference between the regular pet bottles and the O2 barrier bottles? Becuase I am thinking about buying more so I can run another Batch. Second Question I saw someone on youtube Bottle his beer and he squeezed the bottle to remove the air is this correct way with the pet bottles? Third Question in a 750 ML Pet O2 bottle it says 2 conditioning tablets per bottle to carbonate. I have honey as my sugar in my batch, Is it ok to add a drop with the conditioning tablets to add flavor ? and do you condition every recipe at 68-76 degrees? Thanks for any help Norman Sands
  3. Just grabbed my first refills since 2010, looking for any and all pointers for brewing with the American Porter. I'm thinking of adding smooth lme, 1/2 C of cocoa powder and a drop of vanilla extract at bottling. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello All, I know this is probably a very dumb question but I cannot find the information in my LBK starter kits instructions. How long do I ferment in the keg/fermenter before bottling? If I ferment/brew longer will the alcohol content go up? Please HELP! Thanks, Sean You can email me at sean.jepson1@gmail.com
  5. I need some help, I'm making a new batch and when I added my water and wort, my water was not cold enough and now my thermometer is in the too hot zone. I put the whole keg in the fridge to try and cool it down, is this a good idea or is there any way to bring it down to the proper temp?
  6. when brewing cider the directions call for white sugar can i use any other kind brown ,organic cane sugar
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