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Found 5 results

  1. I'm a newbie, so forgive me for my dumb question. But in the attached photo, what's the difference between carbonation and bottle conditioning? What are the exact steps I need to take after fermentation? Do I just bottle with priming sugar and wait 5 weeks total? Or is there a step before actually bottling that is needed? Thanks!
  2. I’ve been having this problem after I’ve bottled my beer. Some of the bottles overflow after a week or so. The remains of the bottle taste fine, so I know that they are not spoiled. I am careful not to put too much sugar in. I was thinking that the problem was that my basement does not get much above 60 degrees, so maybe they were still fermenting. I kept my last batch in the keg for 4 weeks before bottling, but the same thing happened. Any ideas to help me keep more of my beer?
  3. I bottled my first beer one week ago. Being a curious newbie, every couple of days I would squeeze the bottles a little to see how things were carbonating. I have been following these four bottles that did not appear to be getting firm. I have made sure that the caps were tight. Today after reading everything I could find, I decided to turn them upside down and that is when I noticed a little beer dripping out. Despite tightening it seems that the bottom ring is preventing these from sealing. I quickly opened them, pulled the ring off and re-tightened. That seems to have fixed the leaking. Question- are these beers doomed or do they have a chance to carbonate?
  4. Bottled my 1st brew, the Octoberfest. It's been a week, and some of the 22oz bottles are much harder than others. I'm pretty sure I forgot to add 2 sugar primers in some of the bottles. Can I open the softer ones and drop in another primer? Thanks!
  5. From the album: First attempts

    The second Porter I cracked on day 10.
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