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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, so i lucked into 4 more 5gal. kegs rather cheap (yes, they are used... old pepsi co. kegs... tested and reconditioned) so that gives me 6 total and i was wondering if its possible to brew a batch, keg it and either naturally carb/condition it (with priming solution) or make sure its covered in co2 (force carb it later) and just let it sit at room temp (just condition) till i have room in my fridge for it (or a couple months) this would help boost the pipeline greatly if i could..... also.. save me some space and bottle washing/sanitizing and bottling time..... any information on this is greatly appreciated
  2. Alright, so im currently fermenting my cerveza lager right now in the primary. Recipe is written to make me believe they want me to secondary in my keg. Though i guess i see no reason not to, i just wanted to see what y'all thought. Every lager ive done has been lagered in a carboy. Id rather just rack it once rather than twice.
  3. This 64oz growler is awesome! Unfortunately, you can't fully carbonate it with the provided cap and 8gr cartridges (we're looking into an adapter for the 16gr cartridges), but you CAN prime in this (5 carb drops or 5 tsp sugar) and use the cartridges for dispensing. It's heavy duty and pours great. It even has a sight glass to tell you how much is left. This is one of my favorite new products we've released. It also has a sort of "steampunk" vibe that I really like. It will definitely impress your friends. You can get replacement 8gr Co2 cartridges at any place that sells beer supplies, paintball, hobby shops, seltzer bottles, or airguns. "The uKeg 64 is a mini-sized, half-gallon growler that will keep your beer cold and fresh for a much longer time than an average growler. The uKeg is great on the go, or for just relaxing at home with your favorite brews. This durable, vacuum-insulated stainless steel keg/growler comes with a CO2 regulator cap with customizable tap handle and gauge along with a brass carrying handle. Includes two 8 gram CO2 cartridges." Get yours HERE! More products to come. Stay tuned....
  4. We now have Kegerators!! These come with hookups for both commercial and homebrew kegs. They also include a Co2 tank (empty) and regulator. Best of all, these SHIP FREE!!! The black ones are $579 and the stainless steel ones are $599. Get yours HERE!!
  5. This morning we have added the Mark II Keg Washer to our growing lineup of new BrewMax™ products. I've owned one of these for a few years and I love it (I was encouraging Mr. Beer to get it in our inventory). It's perfect for both cleaning and sanitizing your kegs and lines. It has attachments to clean the dip tube, and the basin can be used to soak, clean, or sanitize smaller parts. It also works great for cleaning/sanitizing carboys. SHIPS FREE!!! http://www.mrbeer.com/accessories/kegging/mark-ii-keg-carboy-washer
  6. Tired of bottling? I don't blame you! Put those bottles down because we now have our very own kegging system available! This 2.5 gallon keg and 5lb Co2 tank (comes already filled*) are perfect for your home kegerator or jockey box (these are also coming soon). You don't need a kegerator, though, as these come with their own taps and should fit in any regular size fridge. These ship free!!! Get yours today HERE! Cheers! *Once your Co2 tank is empty, you should be able to get it filled/exchanged at any place that dispenses Co2 (homebrew shops, welding supply, etc).
  7. So, I'll be kegging my first 5 gallon batch on Thursday and wanted some feedback so I do this right the first time. I've been reading charts and grids about forced carbonation, but wanted to see what any of you thought? It's a 5 gallong Honey Ale batch. I don't have a kegerator, so my best option is to have the keg sit in a bucket of ice water to bring the temp. down before I insert the CO2. Let me know your ideas and what you've run into!
  8. My buddy bought 2 brand new 5 gal corny kegs... Very excited. Anything I need to know before we start this new chapter in brewing? Weve watched all you tube videos, Im looking for more of a silly little things a person wouldnt think of on their first go round.
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