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Found 40 results

  1. Bhob


    From the album: Bhob's Stuff

    It is holding temp! I wish I had noticed the controller was in C instead of F when I ordered.
  2. Bhob


    From the album: Bhob's Stuff

    Almost done, ran TC down the center channel
  3. Bhob


    From the album: Bhob's Stuff

    Cooling unit and power supply
  4. Bhob


    From the album: Bhob's Stuff

    Foam insulation detail
  5. Bhob


    From the album: Bhob's Stuff

    Cooling unit in place
  6. Bhob


    From the album: Bhob's Stuff

    Insulation added
  7. So, I've got three LBKs . After bottling my latest batches I cleaned them out thoroughly with cold water, an unscented hand soap, and a soft wash cloth. Today, as I was organizing my brewing equipment, I got my nose right into each of the LBKs and found that they all smelled strongly of...well...beer, of course. I doubt that there is anything that I can do to completely eliminate the residual scents of my previous batches. As I have two recipes being shipped soon (Camilla's Folly and That Voodoo) I wondered how my fellow brewers deal with the very real possibility of introducing off flavors from previous batches into their current recipes. Do any of you guys who maintain a regular pipeline brew only certain brews in specified LBKs? Does it matter? Is there any advantage to brewing similar brews in the same LBK (example porters in a LBK designated for only porters) such as a more complex flavor over time? Best, Zoot
  8. Hello All, I know this is probably a very dumb question but I cannot find the information in my LBK starter kits instructions. How long do I ferment in the keg/fermenter before bottling? If I ferment/brew longer will the alcohol content go up? Please HELP! Thanks, Sean You can email me at sean.jepson1@gmail.com
  9. I've already bought my second LBK from Mr beer and while $10 is a good deal, it's less so when you add the 7.95 shipping. Meanwhile I stopped at my local Goodwill today, looking for a lamp shade, and what did I find? A Mr Beer Classic America Light LBK Beer Kit, the only thing that seems to be missing is about half the bottles and the Classic America Light HME. It was listed at 6.97 but since white labels were on sale today came to a grand total of $5.24! Now I'm going to need to run out to the other Goodwill & Salvation Army stores in the area. And buy more HME's Yes I'm hooked!
  10. I bought an LBK a while back, and brewed the American Light that came with it. I followed the MR. BEER included instructions TO A TEE (correct temperature and sanitizing while brewing, ideal ferment temp and time, exact amount carbo drops and ideal carbo temp and time). I chilled the beers in the fridge for two weeks, like it says to do. It was after tasting my almost unenjoyable "liquid bread" that I figured it was just because it was American Light (light beers are a waste of hops) and there must be a reason they toss this kind in with your kit as a 'freebie'.. So I looked online and found a bunch of awesome sounding refill kits and didn't hesitate to order some beers that I myself would buy at The Beer Store (you guys in Ontario will know what I'm talking about). I received them yesterday and am anxious to get some more brewing today. I got Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, Diablo IPA, American Ale, Northwest Pale Ale, Pale BrewMax LME SoftPack, along with a Professional Bottling System. ANYWAY, long story short.. Some cans are bigger than others. Can I use them all in my LBK, or do I need to split into two batches, or get a bigger fermenter?
  11. I would like to know how I should convert the provided recipe for Root Beer (one gallon container, one package of product, etc.) to accomodate my LBK. Do I need to use the refill kit in two batches as described, or can I make both batches at once in my LBK?
  12. iv'e looked around for this and was not able to find an answer, i'm not planning on going all "mad scientist" its kinds just out of curiosity. i know some recipes may require more i don't think some would take less, but is there a minimum or maximum amount of hme than can be used in the LBK? thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, First time brewer here. I was so excited to finally get my first batch done. It tasted fantastic after my taste test which surprised me since this is my first attempt. Following the youtube videos and the information in my new kit it told me to then sanitize my bottles and lids using the remainder sanitizer and then put two capsules into each Mr Beer bottle. I put in two into the first bottle and filled it up as instructed (two inches from the top). Then started the 2nd bottle.. and the third and fourth.. But after my 12th bottle I've run out of tablets! I now have 4 unused and sanitized bottles and quite a bit of beer left in the keg. Is it common to not have enough carbonation tablets in the bag? What can I do with the remainder of my first batch? 25% is too much to throw away and I don't really want to purchase another batch of carbonation tablets if it's common to be off by this much. Anyone else have this problem? What are my options?
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