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Found 39 results

  1. In case I don't make it back from the Rio Grande this week, here is my recipe to commemorate the journey. 'Return of El Gordito' Vienna Lager Mr. Beer Mexican Cerveza HME Dark Munich, 0.33 lb. Vienna, 0.5 lb. CaraMunich Type 2, 0.12 lb. Carafa Special II, 0.08 lb. Flaked Corn, 0.3 lb. Pilsen, 0.25 lb. Booster, ½-pack (optional, as always) Northern Brewer, 0.3 oz. 20 min. Saaz, 0.5 oz. 5 min. Saflager S-23 lager yeast, ferment @ 55 ºF Mini-mash (60 min. @ 153 ºF) with HME @ f/o ~45 min. boil SRM 13 IBU 21 ABV 5.8% OG was 1.060
  2. I was in the mood for a mash yesterday so I cleaned out the grain cupboard and took a shot at the Oud Bruin style: Old Sherry Chocolate-Cherry Belgian Brown Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner HME Mr. Beer Smooth LME Weyermann Vienna, 0.6 lb. Weyermann Munich Type II, 0.4 lb. Briess Pilsner, 0.25 lb. Weyermann Melanoidin, 0.17 lb. Weyermann Acidulated malt, 0.25 lb. Chateau Special B, 0.17 lb. Flaked corn, 0.12 lb. Weyermann CaraAroma, 0.13 lb. Lyle's Black treacle, 0.17 lb. Safbrew Abbaye dry ale yeast Light Oak chips + Cacao nib tincture in Sherry one week prior to brew day. Add following primary fermentation. Red tart cherries, 12 oz. puréed. Add following primary fermentation. Mash grains for an hour @ 154, sparge and boil for an hour. Add LME and treacle with 7-8 minutes left and HME @ flame-out. Age finished beer - should be 'provisionally' ready to be enjoyed about Labor Day. This is going to be The One, haha? OG was 1.058 IBU ~ 20 SRM ~ 18
  3. I brewed this Saturday after giving @Creeps McLane and @HoppySmile!'s saison ideas much thought. This ended up being a Boulevard Tank 7 X More Cowbell mini-mash hybrid, with a couple of my own ideas thrown in for fun. Thanks guys!? Weyermann Pilsner, 2 lbs. Weyermann Vienna, 0.35 lbs. Flaked Wheat, 0.35 lb. Flaked Corn, 0.6 lb. Gambrinus Honey malt, 0.17 lb. Weyermann CaraBelge, 0.17 lb. Weyermann Acidulated malt, 0.17 lb. SD Sweet Clover honey, 0.75 lb. Mr. Beer BrewMax Golden LME, 1.1 lbs. Magnum, 0.25 oz., 60 min. Calypso, 0.3 oz., 15 min. Styrian Goldings, 0.25 oz., 7 min. Hallertau Mittelfruh, 0.5 oz. @ flame-out Danstar Belle Saison yeast 90 minute stepped mash starting @ 146 F for 50 min. ending with a 168 F mash-out. 60 min. boil OG per hydrometer was 1.080 +/- (Is it me, or are these experimental recipes starting to get just a little complicated?) See you in 18-21 days!
  4. Permission to share this recipe granted. This is from Seventh Son Brewing In Columbus Ohio Brewmaster Colin Vent All credit goes to them. This is one of their seasonal beers. This is for a 5gal finished batch Wuffles Description: golden ale with crisp, floral hops, breakfast cereal maltiness ABV 3.32% IBU 16.2 Est OG 1.034 Grain Bill: 5.5lbs American 2-Row .5lbs Munich Malt .5lbs CaraPils .25lbs Crystal 40 Hop List: Horizon 1.6oz total Palisade 1.6oz total Yeast: 1 package liquid British Ale WYEAST #1098 (Optional booster you can do to up abv a bit and mouth feel recommended by hoppysmile! and i did do when i made the recipe and will up your OG a small bit) 1lb corn sugar added at flame out .25lb Malto Dextrin added at flameout I also added 1tsp Irish moss at last 15min of boil Mash Grains 60 min @ 150-160*F Boil 90min with following hop schedule .1oz Horizon 90min .1oz Palisade 90min .25 Horizon 15min .25Palasade 15min .5oz Horizon @ Flameout .5oz Palisade @ Flameout .75oz Horizon Dry Hop (5-7 days) .75oz Palisade Dry Hop (5-7 days) Ferment 3 weeks Bottle/Keg as you normally would
  5. Something a little different for me -- I actually brewed this one already and had my first bottle tonight after just 3 weeks in the bottle. This is another mostly grain recipe and features a fun grain bill, Nugget bittering, lager yeast, and turned out really nice. International Black Lager Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner Malt, 2 lbs. Malting Co. of Ireland Lager malt, 1 lb. Carafa Special II, 0.2 lbs. CaraRed, 0.2 lbs. Chocolate malt, 0.25 lbs. Munich Type II, 0.25 lbs. Mr. Beer booster, half-pack BrewMax Robust LME Nugget hops, 0.3 oz, 45 min. Crystal hops, 0.5 oz, 15 min. Spalter Select hops, 0.5 oz @ flame-out Saflager S-23 lager yeast OG 1.055 FG 1.015 ABV 5.2% SRM 32 IBU 30+ Was hoping for something in the style of Guinness Black Lager or New Belgium 1554.
  6. Maybe? I won't brew until later so any advice? CalypsoPaleAle.pdf
  7. Like @MiniYoda says, ignore me if you want, but I just finished brewing a MG Juniper Rye : Briess Pale Ale malt, 2 lbs. BrewMax Pale LME X 2 Flaked Rye, 0.25 lbs. Special B, 0.25 lbs. Caramel 40, 0.25 lbs. Simpsons Aromatic malt, 0.13 lbs. Sterling hops, 0.5 oz., 30 min. boil Spalter Select hops, 0.5 oz.. 10 min. boil Juniper berries (Juniperus virginiana), 2 oz. crushed, 10 min. boil Fermentis Safale US-05 See you in 3 weeks.?
  8. My American light beer is almost done fermenting(checking again in 3 days). I want to make something similar to Bud Light with lime, becasue many people I know love Bud Light with lime. How can I do this without ruining the beer, and make it taste most like Bud light with lime? Thanks
  9. Hello to all, I have been brewing beer for 25+ years. I am going to be posting some recipes here, and offering help to any one who wants to learn to brew with the Mr. Beer Fermenter (LBK). I am a fan of the LBK, and really a fan of just about all of the equipment that Mr. Beer makes. My basic philosophy is that you do not need to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to brew great beer. And also 2 - 2.25 gallons of beer is just about the perfect size to brew. The ingredient costs are low, the water impact is much lower, the results are great. So feel free to ask questions, and share your experiences as well. Mr. Beer is a great thing even if you aren't using their ingredients, the equipment is great common sense equipment. Is there any recipe or type of beer that people really want to see a recipe for?
  10. Should've added Oats to my chocolate Porter! I'm sure it happens a lot the first few batches... Realizing after its fermenting, that you wanna try adding or tweaking one thing in the recipe... Maybe next time
  11. Just in time for summer, we're releasing our newest recipe (by yours truly ), Saison Du Miel. It is a lower ABV saison than most commercial examples and is intended to be a session beer for hot summer days. Dry, crisp, and spicy, it's the perfect beer for your summer barbecues or camping trips. This is the first of many new recipes that we will be releasing in the coming days. Enjoy! http://www.mrbeer.com/saison-du-miel-recipe
  12. RECIPE INCLUDES: 1 Can Aztec Mexican Cerveza HME 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME) 2 BrewMax LME SoftPack - Smooth 1 1.2 oz. Packet Tettnanger Pellet Hops 1 Muslin Hop Sack 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser Do you have this pre-packaged or does the shipping department have to measure this out?
  13. Hi everybody, I am going to brew the Noche de Luna recipe, I was just wondering if you have any suggestions on temp or using a different yest instead of the Mr.beer one provided with the aztec refill. Thanks to whomever would like to add his "voice" to the conversation!
  14. My son gave me a pack of Amirillo and a pack of Citra Hops. In my Mr. Beer stash I have: Qty 1 Northwest Pale ale 2.86 lbs Qty 2 American Light 1.87 lbs Qty 2 Pale Ale LME Qty 1 AMerican Ale 1.87 lbs Qty 1 Brewmax Smooth DME Qty 1 Smooth LME Any recipe suggestions using those Hops and any combination of the above? Thanks
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