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Found 3 results

  1. Was out of town and my beer sat in the keg an extra 2 weeks. Five weeks total. First try with Weissbier. I have stuff floating in the keg and am hesitant to bottle. The pic shows bluish but it is more like brown and tan. Please help!
  2. From the album: Brews

    This is the standard Bavarian Weissbier refill. Enjoyed it right at 4 weeks of conditioning, but even better at about 6 (pictured here). For a standard refill, the head retention is very good on this one.
  3. Howdy, Thanks to all of the loyal and helpful users of the community. I have my first batch now fermenting (Canadian Blonde) but have a question about booster use. I ordered a standard refill of Weissbier that comes with the standard booster (not LME) and have refills already (from a local K-Mart that carriers Mr. Beer refills) of Classic American Light and American Lager. After reading many opinions about booster use in general, I was looking for advice on which extracts the non-LME booster may be good to use on. Also, is the booster advisable for use in the Weissbier extract? Thanks for advice! Deano
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