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Found 11 results

  1. Just finished bottling my first batch. I was skeptical that the beer was going to actually brew over the past three weeks, not sure why I didn’t have confidence but once I started bottling I was greeted with the most delicious bread like aroma, unmistakably beer (just flat of course). Had a little taste and was very good. You could also smell the alcohol so I guess the process worked. The bottling wand I bought proved useless. It fit nice but would barely flow. Yes I vented the top of the LBK, but even then. Ended up using a funnel and it worked fine. Had enough brew for 8 and a half bottles. Can’t wait to try it. Interesting thing about the turb. You may recall my earlier post where my spigot was leaking and so would the wide mouth if I stood it on end. So I found an angle for the LBK where the solution wouldn’t rest against the spigot or lid. That’s how it brewed for three weeks. An artifact of this is that the turb accumulated in the back corner of the LBK away from the spigot. Because I didn’t have space in the refrigerator and garage is freezing cold, I had no convenient way to cold crash the brew. I decided since the turb was all down in the bottom back corner I would be ok. No problems bottling but I expect the beer will be cloudy/wheat like but that’s ok for this first batch. Next post will be taste testing the final product.
  2. 1776 Ale spent 3 weeks in the LBK and initial taste is great! I am hoping it is ready for the 4th!
  3. I have added a cup and a half of honey into a recipe from Mr. Beer and my question is when I go to bottle my beer should I adjust the amount of sugar I use to prime my beer? The beer will be going into 12oz long neck glass bottles and according to Mr. Beer I should use 3/4 teaspoons of priming sugar for each bottle. Should I cut that amount down because of the added honey or just use the recommendation from Mr. Beer. Thanks for any help.
  4. Is there any one out there who has bottled beer in repurposed plastic soda bottles. I was thinking about using some brown plastic root beer bottles. I know there is an issue with getting out the smell. Are the bottles adequate for home bottling? Thought I would check for horror stories or success stories. Thanks
  5. I bottled my first beer one week ago. Being a curious newbie, every couple of days I would squeeze the bottles a little to see how things were carbonating. I have been following these four bottles that did not appear to be getting firm. I have made sure that the caps were tight. Today after reading everything I could find, I decided to turn them upside down and that is when I noticed a little beer dripping out. Despite tightening it seems that the bottom ring is preventing these from sealing. I quickly opened them, pulled the ring off and re-tightened. That seems to have fixed the leaking. Question- are these beers doomed or do they have a chance to carbonate?
  6. Bottled my 1st brew, the Octoberfest. It's been a week, and some of the 22oz bottles are much harder than others. I'm pretty sure I forgot to add 2 sugar primers in some of the bottles. Can I open the softer ones and drop in another primer? Thanks!
  7. I just bottled my first batch a week ago. I was wondering.... Is feeling the bottles if they are firm or not the only way to tell if they are done conditioning? What are the signs that it is ok to chill and drink? Any other conditioning advice, secrets, tricks?
  8. I was surprised to see a brown bag special in a 500 ml bottle become quite swollen. Hats off the 500 mm bottle for holding back the carbonation! Should I toss this bottle after opening? Here is a pic comparing a normal carbonated bottle next to the swollen one.
  9. Bottled the batch on Tuesday afternoon, and checked on them a little bit ago to make sure everything was holding seal, etc. Everything seems fine except for one bottle that is already pretty hard (740ml plastic bottle from the kit). Do I "burp" it, put it in the fridge, or...?
  10. So I am new to the 2G fermenter and just did my first batch after doing 14 batches in 3 LBKs. I have to say I love the 2G fermenter - it feels like a step up in quality and it is easier to pour in the wort and clean due to the big opening up top. One question where instructions on the web site vary is sanitizing the 2G fermenter. On the instruction video for the 2G it says to sanitize use *half* a packet of no-rinse cleanser and rinse for *10* minutes. but On the printed card and the PDF on the website it says use a *whole* packet and rinse for *2* minutes. Which is correct? Most recipes only give you one no-rinse packet and you need half for sanitizing the fermenter and half for sanitizing bottling at the end. I guess you just need to order extra rinse packets if you use the 2G so you have some for bottling? Maybe both the half and whole instructions are both correct? A whole packet gives a higher concentration of cleanser so you only need to rinse for 2 minutes. The half pack is more dilute so you need 10 minutes of rinsing? And maybe in testing Mr. Beer learned that people generally did not go the full 10 minutes so they switched to a different instruction that allowed 2 minute rinsing? Just guessing here! Thanks in advance for clearing this up.
  11. I brewed the angry bovine recipe for the first time a week ago. Its still in the barrel and got two weeks yet before I bottle it. Figured I would design my own label for it. Then I got to thinking....always a dangerous thing, for me. And thought i would make a funny label for my latest brew. Here it is. And if you want, you can borrow it for your own bottles. If there is enough interest I can post it in an AVERY label format to make it easier for anyone to use it and/or make changes in it if they want. So here it is. The SINISTER BULL MILK STOUT. I think its funny, but opinions can vary. But I hope yall like it.
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