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Found 1 result

  1. Second batch of beer as been in the LBK for three weeks now. I ordered the mexican style refill. I've been trying to keep the temp above 68 as best I can but it's been really cold here in Arkansas these past few weeks. I poured some out into a glass earlier and noticed a few dark colored specks floating around in the glass. The taste didn't seem too bad, a little green and a little more bitterness than the first american style light beer that came with the kit, the beer that came with the kit was only an HME and didn't seem to have much taste when done. It wasn't bad just not much flavor, which I guess is normal for light beers. This refill I order an LME to go along with the HME. Does anybody know what these specks could be? Did I ruin my beer? I've done some research on the dark specks. I think the most likely cause is I mixed my HME and LME into the boiled water while it was too hot, basically I burnt my extract. I've found other home brew forums online and this seems to be the most likely cause in my case.
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