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Found 10 results

  1. It is not important why this happened, it just is. Question- Will pitching two different yeasts in the same wort have no noticeable effect, or start some sort of yeast battle that will stress out one of the varieties? I’m sure this will result in some interesting comments. Hopefully one that is the truth.....so bring it on.
  2. I brewed Klondike Gold yesterday, The instructions confuse me a bit. At one point it says to ferment for 14 days, at another point it says 3 weeks. Which is it? http://www.mrbeer.com/klondike-gold-recipe
  3. I am enjoying my 2G Fermenter and want to keep things cool during the 3 week fermentation period. With the LBKs, I used ice packs in Coleman coolers. But the 2G Fermenter is too big for that. One idea I had was to place the 2G in a cooler with the lid open and ice around it. But using the wisdom of the group - what's the smart way to keep a 2G fermenter cool during fermentation? Thanks.
  4. Awaiting the 3 week mark anxiously! My porter's gravity plateaued at 1.006FG by day 8; trying to hold out on bottling for the next 10 days (on day 11 now). Got cider going too, day 4 in ferm. Feel like a need just one more LBK or perhaps a 5gal so I can brew once a week and always have something to bottle and condition...
  5. Hello All, I know this is probably a very dumb question but I cannot find the information in my LBK starter kits instructions. How long do I ferment in the keg/fermenter before bottling? If I ferment/brew longer will the alcohol content go up? Please HELP! Thanks, Sean You can email me at sean.jepson1@gmail.com
  6. I have a Mr. Beer Porter batch in a temperature controlled fridge set at 65 +- 1 deg. I am wanting to do a different batch each week until I get a supply up. This has been the first time I have been this aggressive and just started using the fridge recently. My question is this. If I put a new LBK in the fridge, should I move the temperature probe to the new LBK or just leave it alone? I know the new LBK will get warmer once it gets going, so my thought was to move it, but not sure if I am correct in my thinking. I believe most of these recipes call for US-04 or US-05, just to give a frame of reference. Mike
  7. I have been fermenting "Black Moon Rising" recipe for three weeks. According to the recipe this should finish at 7.1% ABV. When I brewed it, my hydrometer was broken so I couldn't take an initial so.gr. measurement. I got a new hydrometer and today, after three weeks of fermenting, the sp.gr. reading was 1.022. This seems high still. Should I give it more time or bottle?
  8. I'm 12 days into fermenting my second batch, I'm not trying to rush it I'm still planning on going to about 19 days before cold crashing, then bottling. But wanted to learn how to use a hydrometer to check to see if fermentation is complete. I remember seeing the procedure in the forums but can't seem to find it now that I'm looking for it. From what I remember it is. - at around 2 weeks take a sample and record the SP - wait some period was it 24 hours or 48 hours and read the SP of the same sample again - Compare the 2 SP readings if there is no change the fermentation is done Can someone confirm did I remember this correctly?
  9. All: I've received some helpful advice here in another post. One of the things that we talked about was letting the fermentation process go longer, and also maintaining the temp range. I'm at the end of week three today of the fermentation of my first batch, the American Light beer that came with the kit. I tasted it last Wednesday and it tasted flat with a sour apple taste. I let it go another week and tasted it today. The temp in the coleman cooler that I have my LBK in is at 71 degrees this morning. It did peak yesterday at 75 when I tried to raise it a bit (it was 68). When I tasted it today, it tasted more like flat beer - a bit more bitter than last week. However, it also has a slight vinegar taste to it and my wife thinks it tastes "yeasty". Not bad, but having those tastes to it. It is also a bit darker in color. Is this beer ready to bottle or did I mess something up with the temperature (maybe reactivated the yeast & boosted the fermentation process?). I don't want to mess with this too much, but I want to do it right. Will the taste & fermentation work itself out after bottling? I'm not a light beer drinker either - so I'm at a loss when it comes to the taste. Please let me know if I'm on the right track. I think I'm ready to bottle, but if I have to let it go a little bit longer I can. I don't like it that there is a slight vinegar taste to it though. Afraid I may have messed this up. Michael
  10. So I'm brewing my own beer for the first time and I'm in my first week I had a really good yeast cake going and I think the fermentation was well on it's way. Today, In testing the Temp I shook up the brew, accidentally . The Yeast cake at the bottom of the keg has been displaced. Is it ok to do that or did I ruin my batch. Sorry in advance for the simple question. Dave
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