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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all! New to the forum and starting my third batch of homebrew today. I started in early January with the CAL that came with my LBK kit. It turned out pretty decent for my first attempt; it tastes like beer, it carbonated well, and the color/clarity is surprisingly nice. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the flavor, but I think that's because I don't drink light beer often (except on a hot summer day on a boat in the middle of the lake in northern MN). I'm much more of a pale ale/IPA kind of guy. I love my hops! Which is why I opted for the NW Pale Ale as my second batch. It has been bottled for exactly 4 weeks tomorrow, so I'm more than excited to see how it turned out (tasted like flat beer with more flavor than the CAL at bottling, which is promising). Anyways, that's my background up to this point. For my third batch, I'm making the Hopiphany White IPA recipe (a branch off the NW Pale Ale, so I can compare how the different yeast and added hops change the flavor of the original extract). So far, with my first two batches, I've been following the suggestions of most (if not all) veteran brewers on the forum of fermenting for 3 weeks (instead of 2, which the instructions say). My question today is when to add the hops to the Hopiphany recipe. The recipe says to add the hop pellets to the fermenter "at the 1 week mark," but my concern is this is based on the 2 week fermenting cycle. The description of this beer specifically says the hops are "added late for maximum aroma and flavor" so I don't want to rush anything by adding them too early. I want to get the most out of my added hops! So, do I add the hops after 1 week of fermenting (as the recipe suggests), or do I wait until the 2 week mark, at which point they will still be "added late" with only 1 week of fermenting remaining? Or, do I split the difference and add them at the halfway mark (1.5 weeks)? Has anyone made this particular recipe and fermented for 3 weeks? If so, when did you add the hops and what was the result? Any and all suggestions are welcome here, as I am still a novice and am eager to learn. Thanks in advance!
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