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Found 4 results

  1. Basically i was looking into two things. I have a new years club with the mummers. we have kegs, bottle, etc but i wanted to make a micro brew that would be this is Cara Liom "Good Friends of mine" a staple of our private club. I was looking at the 6g kits to buy. However when i see a refill they are mostly the same more over if i wanted the Calavera Spiced Chile Stout refill how many would i have to put in for 6g?
  2. Hey everybody! So, Ive read all of the intro info so far. I am making my first batch ever. I used to make wine with my grandfather as a kid. So, this seemed like an obvious hobby for me. My brother gave me an LBK kit of American light for Christmas. I had a hydrometer already (not exactly sure if I have the proper chamber for usage.) Nevertheless, my question lies within cold crashing. Does one cold crash American Light for 3 days or less? I am receptive to all possible outcomes. Also, I have the worlds smallest fridge, is there a better way? Thanks guys, M.
  3. I recently bought a Mr. Beer basic brewing kit (American Light Addition). Right now I'm on the 4th day of carbonation and I have a question about bottling. The last bottle I filled had more sediment (I had to put the keg on an angle to pour it out) than the others. Currently, on day 4, this one bottle is more carbonated than the rest. It is much firmer when squeezed. I was wondering, before I bottle my beer, should I mix the keg so that all the bottles can some of the sediment? Thanks, Canadian
  4. Just grabbed my first refills since 2010, looking for any and all pointers for brewing with the American Porter. I'm thinking of adding smooth lme, 1/2 C of cocoa powder and a drop of vanilla extract at bottling. Any thoughts?
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