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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm fairly inexperienced with only a few brews under my belt, the latest being the Angry Bovine Stout currently waiting impatiently in bottles. I'm looking to try the Nilla Porter recipe next and had a quick question. The recipe calls for the BrewMax LME Softpack - Smooth, but the refill comes with a Booster (standard refill) or LME Robust (deluxe refill). If I add the "booster" along with the LME Softpack - smooth, will it change the characteristics of the brew noticeably? I figure the "Robust" will (+19 SRM and a different flavor profile). Aside from bumping up the ABV will the Booster add anything? Thanks!!
  2. My wife surprised me today with an Azteca Refill for Valentine's Day! I guess we'll try to make that one up next or April to have it ready for Cinco de Mayo. Thank you very much Tiff. Love you very much! Anyone tried mixing the Azteca with tequila? Thanks
  3. I bought an LBK a while back, and brewed the American Light that came with it. I followed the MR. BEER included instructions TO A TEE (correct temperature and sanitizing while brewing, ideal ferment temp and time, exact amount carbo drops and ideal carbo temp and time). I chilled the beers in the fridge for two weeks, like it says to do. It was after tasting my almost unenjoyable "liquid bread" that I figured it was just because it was American Light (light beers are a waste of hops) and there must be a reason they toss this kind in with your kit as a 'freebie'.. So I looked online and found a bunch of awesome sounding refill kits and didn't hesitate to order some beers that I myself would buy at The Beer Store (you guys in Ontario will know what I'm talking about). I received them yesterday and am anxious to get some more brewing today. I got Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, Diablo IPA, American Ale, Northwest Pale Ale, Pale BrewMax LME SoftPack, along with a Professional Bottling System. ANYWAY, long story short.. Some cans are bigger than others. Can I use them all in my LBK, or do I need to split into two batches, or get a bigger fermenter?
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