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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. Here's my question. I pitched yeast last night and the wort was 64 F. Today the fermentation process really kicked up and the temp now is reading 73F. I have a temp strip on the fermenter. Is this a concern? I've read a lot on here about keeping the temp in the 60"s. Should I be concerned? I'm thinking to move the batch down in the basement where I know its cooler. or is this normal and temp rise is generated by the fermentation process? FYI, I'm working on an American Pale Ale.
  2. Can I assume that when a kit says Pilsner that it is a lager yeast? Sometimes the kits don't say what kind of yeast is used and the description doesn't tell me much. Right now I have two weeks in the keg with the Czech Pilsner. Then next one ion my list is the Aztec Mexican Cerveza. Is that also a lager yeast? If I were to get an Ale next would the temp requirements be any different? I would like to try an Ale next but I'm unsure of the temps. Hopefully this batch won't be to bad because I have had some fluctuations. I hit a low of 55 and for a short time a high of 68. Most of the time it's been in the 58 - 62 range. My plan is to do 3-2-1. Keg-bottle-frig. Does that sound about right for the kind that I'm doing? Thanks for any help... John
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