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Found 1 result

  1. Anyone: How accurate is the free thermometer that you get for registering with Mr Beer? Where should this be placed and what is it measuring temperature of - room or LBK contents? At what point in the process is it to be used? The reason I'm asking is that my first batch of beer is fermenting. It has been about 16 days (brewed new year's eve). I posted in another message that I tasted it at day 14 and it was flat with a little sour apple taste. Rick suggested to leave it go another week to ferment. Therefore, I am waiting until this Thursday or Friday to bottle. The LBK with the beer has been in an old Coleman cooler on an old table/stand in the corner of our dining room. Ambient room temperature stays around 70. I'm in an older home but the walls are 1" thick plaster in the dining room. I figured the cooler was keeping the temp stable and this is also a suggestion from Mr Beer in their video. However, the little thermometer strip is not reading as being at the right temp when I stick it to the side of the LBK at liquid level and put the LBK back in the cooler. This little strip is just a square with a check in it that will turn green if the temp is right. My square is black indicating too low or too high temp. The air inside the cooler feels a bit cooler than the room - probably due to the beer and LBK's temp stabilizing inside the cooler. Should I be concerned? Can someone please explain this little strip and perhaps a better way to do this? Thanks in advance. Michael
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