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Found 1 result

  1. Ok Guys this is a little long but here goes. I got my MrBeer starter kit for my birthday in October 2015. It came with an IPA extract which I made almost immediately. The IPPA came out great. I thought it tasted great and everybody I shared it with also said it was really good. When I finished with the fermenting, I hand washed my LBK as soon as I was done bottling. I used warm water and unscented dish soap (Dawn) and a brand new unscented, non-scouring sponge. I hand washed the bottles the same way. I used warm water and dawn mixture in each bottle and a small bottle brush. I was very excited to try my next batch. I thought I would try the equivalent of my favorite beer and went with the Irish Stout (I love me some Guinness Draught). Because of timing issues, I didn't start it until May 2016. I followed the instructions that came with my LBK. I sanitized everything I was using to start the next batch. I used two gallons of bottled water for my base. I added the booster to the cold water (though it was probably just room temperature because I do not remember refrigerating it) but I had a hard time getting it all to dissolve. I then brought the water to a roiling boil and added the Irish Stout Extract. I poured the bottled water into the LBK up to the line, poured in the wort and stirred. I then added the rest of the water. Finally, I added the yeast and closed up the LBK. I let the beer ferment for the full 21 days and then bottled it. I let it carbonate/condition for the 21 days called for in the instructions. It tasted like crap. It had a very sweet taste to it. Based on the comments I've seen on this board, I would describe the sweetness as an apple cider like flavor. It also had a bit of an after taste to it as well. I drank 4 or 5 of the 11 bottles (for some reason my kit only came with 11 PET bottles) over the course of 2 months. It never got any better so I'm ashamed to say that in pique of anger, I dumped the remaining bottles. I normally wouldn't do something like that to the nectar of the gods but sometimes my temper gets the better of me. I thought my problem may have been that I did not wash the bottles completely or thoroughly enough so this time I put them through the dishwasher. I wasn't going to let this experience stop me. I figured I start with something that should be a little easier. I got the American Lager Extract. I sanitized everything. This time the instructions said to add the booster to the hot water at the same time as the extract. The booster did not dissolve at all so I ended up just scooping the clumped up booster out. Something I read on these boards made me think the bottled water might have been the issue so I used cold tap water. I filled my LBK to the 1 line, poured in the wort, stirred and filled it the rest of the way with cold tap water. I added the yeast and sealed it up. It fermented for 21 days. When I did the taste test I thought it tasted a little sweet so I let it ferment for one more week (I think I read a response to a comment about the sweetness of my 2nd batch was due to not fully fermenting). I bottled it and it has been sitting and conditioning for 21 days. I opened the first bottle this past Tuesday (the 21st day). It was sufficiently carbonated. There was a good head and there were bubbles in the beer. However, it had that same cidery taste to it. So now I'm scared that I am doing something wrong. I have 3 more cans of extract (Oktoberfest, Australian Sparkling Ale, and Imperial Red Ale) that I want to make but I'm afraid to try it because I don't know what I'm doing wrong. My LBK during fermenting, and my bottles during conditioning, sit on the kitchen counter out of any direct sunlight. The room temperature in my house is usually between 65F and 68F degrees. Can anybody help me. Will the cidery taste go away with longer conditioning or am I doing something wrong. Please help.
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