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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, Wolfpack Brewing here. I was feeling a little intrepid and ran up to my local home brewing shop. I bought a 2 gallon bucket with spigot, airlock, and sealing lid along with a Mr. Beer Canadian Blonde can. I started this brew on Sunday night. I made the beer according to the directions, but I added 1 cup of dextrose to the wort in order to later add Lactobacillus to make this a sour blonde (yes, yes, bring on the jokes). I poured everything into the bucket, and perhaps added a bit too much water. When I came home today from work and checked on things, I noticed that the airlock had overflowed and liquid was pooled on top of the lid, but the lid was sealed. I carefully poured off the liquid and dried the top. I also quickly removed and cleared the airlock, blocking the whole in the lid with a clean sheet. I did sample the overflowed wort and tasted some alcohol, sugar and yeastiness. Other than the yeasty flavor, I didn't notice any off flavors. I have not added the Lactobacillus yet. Is this batch ruined because it overflowed, or am I still good to go and let it continue to ferment? Thanks guys!
  2. Ok so now I'm ready to do another batch while my first batch sits. I purchased the Bavarian Weissbeir and I'm going to start working on it later this week. Now I've read on this forum that some people are useing an airlock on there LBK by installing a bubble airlock and putting a rubber gasket around the lid to make it air tight. After reading about the LBK being air tight, it sounds like it's a good way to prevent outside contaminates to enter and helps the fermentation process. My question is, can I do something like this with the Mr. Beer refill kits or is this only for specific blends? What are some disadvantages? There seems to be advantage to having the LBK airtight with a bubble airlock installed on the lid that will allow the Co2 to escaped and not bring in any contaminates. I saw the original LBK had airtight lids. Comments?
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