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Found 9 results

  1. I'm in the early stages of creating a traditional Irish Red Ale. How's this look?
  2. Brewed a 4 gallon, all grain Pale Ale yesterday. 5 gal boil. 7.5lb 2 row 0.5lb Caramel 40 0.5lb Carapils Mash at 154 for 75 min. Mash out, batch sparge the recirculated the wort for 25 min with cousin's recirc pump. Wow!!! Wort in to boil kettle was so clear... 0.5oz Citra 60 min 0.75oz Exp Stonefruit 15 minutes 1.0oz Exp Stonefruit flameout. Whirlpool to 170 then cooled. Aerated wort well and Pitched WLP001 at 65 deg. Fermenting 1 week, secondary two weeks, bottle 2.4 vol three weeks. OG: 1.053 Es FG: 1.012 Est abv: 5.3 SRM: about 7 IBU: 53 Fermentation took off about eight hours after pitching the yeast and temps are holding 65-66 last I checked.
  3. Tomorrow I'm brewing a Landbier dedicated to Jim Johnson. Last year, Jim and I were discussing a recipe for a competition he was going to enter but I never heard the results from the batch. This batch is a little different from the one he decided on but hey, it's a farmhouse ale, the is no real style. Using the Mangrove Jack M27 Belgian Ale yeast @HoppySmile! sent me a few months ago in a trade. A 1 liter starter is already cooking. Here's the recipe.
  4. Permission to share this recipe granted. This is from Seventh Son Brewing In Columbus Ohio Brewmaster Colin Vent All credit goes to them. This is one of their seasonal beers. This is for a 5gal finished batch Wuffles Description: golden ale with crisp, floral hops, breakfast cereal maltiness ABV 3.32% IBU 16.2 Est OG 1.034 Grain Bill: 5.5lbs American 2-Row .5lbs Munich Malt .5lbs CaraPils .25lbs Crystal 40 Hop List: Horizon 1.6oz total Palisade 1.6oz total Yeast: 1 package liquid British Ale WYEAST #1098 (Optional booster you can do to up abv a bit and mouth feel recommended by hoppysmile! and i did do when i made the recipe and will up your OG a small bit) 1lb corn sugar added at flame out .25lb Malto Dextrin added at flameout I also added 1tsp Irish moss at last 15min of boil Mash Grains 60 min @ 150-160*F Boil 90min with following hop schedule .1oz Horizon 90min .1oz Palisade 90min .25 Horizon 15min .25Palasade 15min .5oz Horizon @ Flameout .5oz Palisade @ Flameout .75oz Horizon Dry Hop (5-7 days) .75oz Palisade Dry Hop (5-7 days) Ferment 3 weeks Bottle/Keg as you normally would
  5. My wife is a big horse racing fan and hosts a Kentucky Derby party at our house every year. She obviously looks to me to brew a beer to showcase to keep people interested in coming. Last night the conversation turned to what I wanted to brew when I was asked about a Mint Julep beer. At first my stomach turned just thinking about a mint flavored beer but the more I thought about it the better I liked the idea. My cousin and i came up with an all grain cream ale recipe with an addition of 1/2oz mint leaves soaked in an ounce of Woodford Reserve bourbon added to secondary. First weekend in January we brew the base Cream Ale then around Valentine's day we brew the Mint Julep Cream Ale to be ready by derby day. Batch size 4.5 gal target boil volume, 3.5 gal target ferment volume OG: 1.047 FG: 1.012 abv: 4.5% SRM: 3 IBU: 19 Grain bill: 5.25lb American 2 row 1/2lb Flaked Corn 1/4lb Carapils Hops: 0.25oz Perle 60 min 0.75oz Perle 5 min Yeast: SafAle US-05 Irish moss 1tsp 15 minutes. Once we brew the base recipe the next batch we'll add the bourbon soaked mint leaves in secondary.
  6. It took me over a year, but I finally took the plunge and brewed an all-grain/partial-extract beer. Using the mash-in-a-sack method (sorry, I've never really cared for the BIAB acronym ), I mashed 3.5 lbs. of grain and did a full 60 min. boil. Continuing on with the FWIW theme of the day, here is my attempt at a 2.25 gallon MG (mostly grain) Vienna Lager: Weyermann Vienna, 1.5 lbs. Weyermann Pilsner, 1.0 lbs. Weyermann Light Munich, 0.5 lbs. Weyermann CaraMunich Type II, 4 oz. Weyermann Carafa Special Type II, 3 oz. Irish Moss, one-eighth tsp., 20 min. BrewMax Pale LME X 2 Perle and Hallertau Mittelfruh, 0.5 oz. ea., 40 min. Saaz (US) and Tettnang, 0.25 oz. ea., 5 min. Saflager W34/70 yeast QBrew says: SRM: 17 IBU: 31 ABV: 4.6% OG: 1.044! Recipe Notes: 3 hours of brewing and I am still chilling wort! ?
  7. Been brewing casually about 1.5 years, and starting to think its time to at least try some small batch all grain beer. Been reading around, came across this posting that makes it seem pretty straight forward, but wanted people with more experience's input before I dive in. http://www.classiccitybrew.com/homebrew.html any thoughts on this technique and methods? I bought a 6 gallon pot, so doing 2-3 gallon boils should not be too difficult, will have to size it for about a 2.2-2.5 gallon batch, mainly curious about the idea of not worrying to much about sparging and just adding 20% more grain and using the LBK to ferment. Thanks Matt
  8. Slim Dorilldo IPA Recipe Slim Dorilldo IPA Style American IPA Brewer Batch 4.25 gal All Grain Recipe Characteristics Recipe Gravity 1.075 OG Estimated FG 1.019 FG Recipe Bitterness 90 IBU Alcohol by Volume 7.3% Recipe Color 11° SRM Alcohol by Weight 5.7% Ingredients Quantity Grain Type Use 10.00 lb Pale Ale Malt - [Rich, Malt, Biscuit, Nutty] Grain Mashed 1.00 lb Crystal 40L - [Body, Caramel, Head, Sweet] Grain Mashed 1.00 lb CaraPils - [Body, Head] Grain Mashed Quantity Hop Type Time 1.00 oz Simcoe - Bittering woodsy pine, mahogany/walnut wood aroma, with some resinous/candy-like and citrus character. Pellet 60 minutes 1.00 oz El Dorado Pellet 35 minutes 1.00 oz Amarillo - Floral, tropical, and citrus. Excellent flavor/aroma hop for American ales Pellet 5 minutes 1.00 oz Amarillo - Floral, tropical, and citrus. Excellent flavor/aroma hop for American ales Pellet 0 minutes Quantity Misc Notes 0.50 unit WhirlFloc Fining 1/2 Tablet per 5 gallons 15 minutes before flameout 1.00 unit Safale S-05 Dry Ale Yeast Yeast American: Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS Recipe Notes Batch Notes
  9. Hello to all, I have been brewing beer for 25+ years. I am going to be posting some recipes here, and offering help to any one who wants to learn to brew with the Mr. Beer Fermenter (LBK). I am a fan of the LBK, and really a fan of just about all of the equipment that Mr. Beer makes. My basic philosophy is that you do not need to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to brew great beer. And also 2 - 2.25 gallons of beer is just about the perfect size to brew. The ingredient costs are low, the water impact is much lower, the results are great. So feel free to ask questions, and share your experiences as well. Mr. Beer is a great thing even if you aren't using their ingredients, the equipment is great common sense equipment. Is there any recipe or type of beer that people really want to see a recipe for?
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