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Found 5 results

  1. Got my MB kit today. Super excited to get started! I think Sunday will be the day I start brewing. Found a Coleman cooler I had that's the perfect size, and I can store it at the bottom of my pantry PROPPED UP! Fits like a glove :-)
  2. From the album: Brews

    IMO, not too different than the Oktoberfest recipe in taste -- maybe a little sweeter and more robust. Pours a medium/dark brown, a slight foamy off-white head, leaves a little lacing on the glass. Good mix of malt & hops in the aroma; taste is more malty than hoppy. Using a can of this instead of Oktoberfest in the Howling Red Ale recipe might be something worth considering...I'd give the edge to the HRA recipe over this and the Oktoberfest refill. 4/5.
  3. So I just finished my first batch of American light, and bottled it in the 740ml plastic amber bottles it came with(put 2carbo drops in each bottle). Now I need more bottles, I am going to Amazon and notice I have 2 options... Amber or Clear? Does this make a difference? Right now I have my conditioning beer bottles in a dark cabinet at room temperature. So does this affect the beer in any way? Thank you
  4. Ok, I have my 1st batch fermenting and is now 1 day away from a 3 week ferment. When I poured a sample last week it tasted like flat beer (as Mr Beer said it should) although it was cloudy. I left it until this week. It still tastes ok but its still cloudy and it doesn't appear to be sediment as its not settling down. Anyone any ideas? I'm brewing Bewitched Amber Ale. Thanks!
  5. I like beer in the darker realm and more caramel flavoring. Can anybody suggest to me any recipes and kits that will create similar beers as these: AmberBock Alaska Amber Jeremiah Red (at BJ's Restaurant) Nutty Brewnette (at BJ's Restaurant) Knotty Brunette - American Brown Ale (at Twin Peaks Restaurant) ShinerBock ZiegenBock Thanks for any input ahead of time.
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