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Found 4 results

  1. After 3 weeks fermenting and 4 weeks bottled, I chilled a couple bottles of my first ever batch. It was an American Classic Light and was damn good a bit malty had a nice head and light golden in color. It will be a hit with my son who will like that I used the LBK Mr. Beer kit he got me for Christmas. Anybody else tried this?
  2. Hello Daughter bought me the smaller starter kit! Want to have a kick a_ _ first brew. What are the top 3 things (besides following directions) that you would tell a rookie in the league that I need to do for success! Thanks Dog33@PUB33
  3. Hi Everyone-- I'm a 'new 'brewer' and have been brewing a 2-gallon batch every weekend for the last 6 weeks. I followed the standard process in the instructions for sanitizing, brewing, fermenting (2 weeks), bottling carbonating & conditioning (2- 4 weeks at 68 F). Week 1 - American Light, Standard extract Week 2 - Irish Stout, Standard extract Week 3 - Horses Ass Ale, Standard extract + recipe Week 4 - Diablo IPA, Premium extract + dry hops Week 5 - Non Mr. Beer recipe (but an extract recipe) - trying to see if I get similar tasting results Week 6 - Non Mr. Beer recipe (but an extract recipe) - trying to see if I get similar tasting results None of the batches has had any visible signs of infection. All have shown signs of fermentation at least 12-18 hours. All tested like flat beer prior to bottling. Bottled with Mr. Beer Carbonation tabs or generic similar carbonation tabs. American Light: The taste is okay, but still has a 'cidery taste' still after 4-weeks of conditioning. Irish Stout: Tastes very bitter at 3-weeks conditioning. Horses Ass Ale: Tastes good but 'sweet' I imagine due to the fact that it is just 2-weeks old. How long to I need to ideally condition the beer to eliminate the 'weirdness' in flavor? Is 4-weeks enough? What is your ideal amount of conditiong weeks? Thanks, Dave
  4. All: I've received some helpful advice here in another post. One of the things that we talked about was letting the fermentation process go longer, and also maintaining the temp range. I'm at the end of week three today of the fermentation of my first batch, the American Light beer that came with the kit. I tasted it last Wednesday and it tasted flat with a sour apple taste. I let it go another week and tasted it today. The temp in the coleman cooler that I have my LBK in is at 71 degrees this morning. It did peak yesterday at 75 when I tried to raise it a bit (it was 68). When I tasted it today, it tasted more like flat beer - a bit more bitter than last week. However, it also has a slight vinegar taste to it and my wife thinks it tastes "yeasty". Not bad, but having those tastes to it. It is also a bit darker in color. Is this beer ready to bottle or did I mess something up with the temperature (maybe reactivated the yeast & boosted the fermentation process?). I don't want to mess with this too much, but I want to do it right. Will the taste & fermentation work itself out after bottling? I'm not a light beer drinker either - so I'm at a loss when it comes to the taste. Please let me know if I'm on the right track. I think I'm ready to bottle, but if I have to let it go a little bit longer I can. I don't like it that there is a slight vinegar taste to it though. Afraid I may have messed this up. Michael
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