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Found 3 results

  1. I'm still waiting on special ingredients to arrive from Mexico (OK..., Amazon) but for @MrWhy, @MRB Tim, and anyone else looking to craft a Belgian Cerveza, please post your recipe here! ?????
  2. Can't sleep, may as well brew... As @MrWhy and @MRB Tim show no sign of giving up any ground in the Great Mexican-Belgian Beer War of 2017, I put together a hasty attempt at a Trappist Single mini-mash: Cerveza de Hermano (Brother's Beer) Mexican Cerveza HME Chateau Pilsner, 1 lb. Honey malt, 0.13 lb. Carapils, 0.25 lb. Mr. Beer Booster, 0.39 lb. Styrian Golding, 1 oz., 25 min. Crystal, 0.5 oz., 10 min. Saaz, 0.5 oz., 5 min. Mandarina Bavaria, 0.5 oz., Day 7 dry-hop Safbrew Abbaye yeast Mash grains @ 152 F for an hour. Sparge grains with 2-3 cups hot water. Dissolve booster; begin 30 min. boil. Hop as scheduled. HME @ flame-out Finish pint of Black Moon Weizen and return to bed.? OG. 1.054 SRM 4 IBU 37 ABV ~5.5%
  3. Batch 100 is another BelgaMex brew in the style of a Belgian IPA and based on the Diablo HME. Other ingredients include El Dorado/Centennial hops, Golden Candi syrup, Chateau specialty grains, and a few secret ingredients. Write-ins welcome!
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