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Found 20 results

  1. I've done some beer homebrewing before with kits like the Brooklyn Brew Shop and my wife thought a nice Christmas gift for me would be a Mr. Beer American Ale refill kit! Unfortunately, while I have the carboys, tubing and such from a few other kits tucked away in my closet I don't actually have any of the Mr. Beer equipment. With that in mind, how can I put this hopped malt extract and yeast to good use without the standard Mr. Beer equipment? I found this video on Youtube, which seems pretty foolproof, but I also don't have this booster stuff it uses: I know this is a derpy question, but I couldn't find any threads that tackle this.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm a new brewer in the Dallas, TX area! I have two LBKs. On Saturday evening, I began a brew of Aztec Mexican Cerveza. I used tap water for this brew, and without thinking about it, I refrigerated water in containers that were not sterilized, however I did sterilize all the utensils. On Sunday morning, I noticed that bubbles were rising, and the wort was producing a thick head of foam in the keg. By Sunday evening, it was a huge head, and I'm guessing that was high krausen. Monday it was about the same, and today it has almost completely subsided. I have not seen any sediment in this keg over the past several days. There are also no bubbles rising now. On Tuesday evening, I started a second brew of Aztec Mexican Cerveza in my second LBK. With this brew, I used tap water for the 4 cups for boiling, and bottled spring water that I refrigerated to fill the LBK before and after adding the wort. I didn't have time to check the keg this morning before leaving for work, but this evening I checked it and there is a head of foam, but it is not very big. However there are a lot of small bubbles coming up through the wort, almost roiling. There is also a large amount of sediment in this keg. I would imagine that both of them are fermenting, but could the lack of sediment in the first keg have anything to do with using tap water vs. bottled? Also, in the basic instructions, it says to allow 3 weeks for fermentation, but on the LME cans, it states 2 weeks for fermentation. I want to add lime juice and raspberries (canned and frozen) to both kegs for the final week of fermentation. Should I be aiming for a 3 week total fermentation before bottling or 2 week total fermentation before bottling? So should I add fruit at 1 week or 2 weeks?
  3. Hummer


    I brewed an American lager. Used yeast under lid, fermented 2 1/2 weeks, carb 3 weeks and bottle conditioned in fridge for 3 weeks. The beer is good but it tastes like green olives. What's wrong with it?
  4. Hey there! I'm new to the Mr. Beer community. My wife and I are home brewers (Geek Love Brewing), frequent Untapped a lot, and I even have my own YouTube show where I go around to different breweries, get a flight of beer with a friend and review as I get drink withhold rooms consequences (www.travislovesbeer.com). If any of this interests anyone in always up for connecting with like-minded folks. Cheers!
  5. From the album: Bubbles Beer

    My newest batch of beer, tastes good.
  6. I enjoy a cold beer, so I take one from the cabinet about 1-2 weeks since its been bottled(with carbonation drops), then I stick it in the fridge. And the bottles become soft, the beer loses carbonation, and has NO head. Now I take a same ROOM TEMP bottle from the cabinet, and full carbonation, nice head.... but its not cold! BTW I am using the mr Beer bottles that came with the kit. Why is this happening, and how do I prevent this? Thanks
  7. From the album: Irish Stout

    My batch of Irish stout. Tastes roasted, almost like coffee, nice flavor.
  8. We're proud to announce our newest product, Mr. Beer Bread! All you provide is 12 oz of beer, mix, and bake!! We tried most of these in the office and they're DELICIOUS! You can use any beer so feel free to experiment and see which flavors compliment what bread the best. Also, do you use steeping grains in your beer? Try adding a sprinkle of spent grains to the mix for a more complex flavor and texture. This is a great product that I'm personally very excited about because I love making my own beer, cheese, and bread. Cheers! http://www.mrbeer.com/logo-gear?food=85
  9. My American light beer is almost done fermenting(checking again in 3 days). I want to make something similar to Bud Light with lime, becasue many people I know love Bud Light with lime. How can I do this without ruining the beer, and make it taste most like Bud light with lime? Thanks
  10. Got a simple Chocolate Porter working now, wondering if I should use the carbonation tablets I purchased or use sugar. I'm seeing mixed reviews on the subject; I'm thinking about doing half with sugar, the other half with the tabs. Thoughts??
  11. Awaiting the 3 week mark anxiously! My porter's gravity plateaued at 1.006FG by day 8; trying to hold out on bottling for the next 10 days (on day 11 now). Got cider going too, day 4 in ferm. Feel like a need just one more LBK or perhaps a 5gal so I can brew once a week and always have something to bottle and condition...
  12. Should've added Oats to my chocolate Porter! I'm sure it happens a lot the first few batches... Realizing after its fermenting, that you wanna try adding or tweaking one thing in the recipe... Maybe next time
  13. From the album: First attempts

    My first setup, an old and new LBK side by side. On the we have a Chocolate Porter and the right, apple cider.
  14. Is there a recipe using no HME? Maybe mixing two different LMEs and tossing some hops in?? Looking to make a malty beer with around 15-25ibu
  15. Just grabbed my first refills since 2010, looking for any and all pointers for brewing with the American Porter. I'm thinking of adding smooth lme, 1/2 C of cocoa powder and a drop of vanilla extract at bottling. Any thoughts?
  16. After three weeks fermenting I have my Belgian spiced ale from the sale in bottles. I also brewed the st. Patrick's Irish stout that's in my fermentor now. Just checking in plus the CAL was tastier after conditioning.
  17. So I totally forgot to order carbonation drops for the last brew I ordered which was the Hop Head Red IPA. I had a few from my last batch and weighed one out at 3.3g. I used 16oz bottles to brew with and used 4.3g of granulated sugar which is about 2/3 less than I normally use with the drops at a rate of 1.5+/- equaling 4.95g+/- in weight. This batch of beer gives more than nice head . It is not over obundant but doing a solid obtuse pour of about 160 degrees does provide a lot of foam. This is not happening to all bottles though, I found one with a leaking gasket which poured out perfectly, about 90% of the other beers were really foamy and the other 10% as soon as I flipped the tops "POING!" the beer started over flowing right away. So I had a couple things going on which to me seems inconsistant as I measured out the granulated sugar to the T and used less than I normally do all around then when using the drops from Mr. Beer. Is there a difference between using the Mr. Beer solidified glucose versus granulated glucose for carbonation? Please note: There has to be some science involved in this so a dumb generic answer will not suffice as there is a difference in how the yeast will handle seperated glucose particles compared to a solidified glucose block that the yeast has to work through. Indulge me
  18. From the album: Food That Goes With Brew

    This is what my beautiful woman got me for our first year anniverary!

    © Justin D. Hill

  19. From the album: Food That Goes With Brew

    This is what we do in Michigan year round. Give us rain, snow, sun or clouds and we will give you beer and meat!

    © Justin D. Hill

  20. From the album: Brews But Not Home Brews

    My second favorite SN brew aside from the Beer Camp 2015 Hoppy Lager.
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