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Found 1 result

  1. I need to make some Belgian Wit clone for some Belgian visitors I will have next year. I would like them to like it and not think - "oh not so good as at home". I have tried 2 that I think are good, Blanche de Bruxelles and Hoegaarten. Mine have somewhat similar tastes, but nowhere near the aroma. I also note heat in the description the Blanche say they do an added in bottle fermentation and I suspect they use different yeast for that so cultivating it would not be really helpful. I also suspect that they aroma is due to the high carbonation getting flavors into the air. One of mine almost had that when I poured it really fast to get a bigger foam. I am open to recipe suggestions using the Bavarian Weissbier HME as starting point. Currently I have been using WLP400 yeast but am open to other Belgian Wit yeasts. My point here is that my beers are not bad tasting, just different. I do believe I need some sugar as fermentable. (One of mine made that taste difference as I used some sugar.) SO current base plan is to target 4.4-5% ABV. Suggestions please. Bav WB HME Wheat LME/DME to get another 1% ABV Sugar to get about 0.25 ABV Grains - Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat, Pilsen Malted Barley 4 oz each.in 30 min partial mash/steep. (Rice hulls??) Spices - 5g Coriander crushed, 1 TBS Bitter Orange peel dried, 1 Chamomile teabag. (No fresh citrus zest - although I am tempted but not sure will emulate style.) Yeast WLP400 High carbonation 1.5 sugar dots per 12 oz bottle. (~ 3.25 g)
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