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Found 2 results

  1. Looking to start another batch of beer this weekend. In my recent batch of goodies from Mr. Beer I bought some LME's pale, golden and robust along with some booster packs. As I understand you never boil the canned HME's. I have thought that I read somewhere on here that you CAN boil LME's and boosters. Is there a time limit as to how long you can boil them ? I read that when first dissolving booster to do it with cool/cold water and get it to completely dissolve first. Was thinking of doing a boil and adding 1/2 oz. of hops to the boil for like 10 minutes to get enhanced hop aroma and a bit of flavor before adding the Northwest pale ale HME after flame off along with adding 1/2 oz of same hop for about 7 days for dry hop before bottling. Comments on the boiling of the booster and LME's. Thanks
  2. I have heard it a few times about many of our brewers boiling the wort for some time. The Coopers brewery works really hard to make our Mr. Beer malt match certain characteristics and one of them is color. They have a proprietary water extraction process that uses minimal heat to minimize any color change. By boiling, you will be making the final product a bit darker than what we wanted the final product to be and muting the hop flavor some and killing the aroma completely (well almost.) In our basic refill instructions, we simply state to boil water first, then add the brewing extract. This will allow full dissolve of the malt solids that are contained in the brewing extract. With that said, many of our advanced brewers may CHOOSE to boil and that is what Mr. Beer is about. Choice. For new brewers that may not know about all things brewing, I just wanted to throw that tidbit of information out there. Ok, you advanced brew guys, fill in all the great details!
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