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Found 7 results

  1. I'm a little confused about the booster packets Mr. Beer is selling. The Mr. Beer website says that the new booster is half the size of the old one, and only raises the alc/vol by .65%. It shows a picture of a packet that says it raises alc/vol by 1.3%. What I received is 6.65 ounces and the front says raises by 1.3%. Did I get the new one or the old one?
  2. I ran out of recipes to brew so this weekend I bought a few more including the "buy one, get one" American Ale extracts. Now I am contemplating how to rationally dress them up from just the basic extracts. I have a few extra items from past recipies that can be used and I bought some Pale LME to upgrade the basic America Ale to a deluxe version. Here are the ingredients I could conceivably use and I wanted to get input from the group. - American Ale Extract - 2 x Booster Packs (new smaller size = to one booster pack of old) - Pale LME - Carapalis Malt - 4 oz - 2 Row Malt - 2 oz - Standard MR. Beer Brewer's Yeast that comes with extract Questions - - should I use the boosters and the Pale LME? Or just the Pale LME? - will the Mr. Beer standard Yeast work if I do a partial mash with the Carapalis and / or 2 Row? - Should I partial mash with both Carapalis and 2 row? Or just Carapalis - What would the resulting beer be if I did all this? - Should I add any other additional items? Honey? Brown Sugar? Thanks for the thoughts!
  3. I just started brewing... wife got me a kit last year and I just brewed it last month (everything turned out good, don't worry) and im in the process of fermenting another batch, and I noticed that the Mr Beer website sells the kits with booster, and the one I ordered did not have booster. Is this new? Do the previous kits have the booster in the LME? or is it wise for me to add my 'sugars' during the boil or post boil? I'm really interested in this because my first batch worked out so well. Thanks
  4. Looking to start another batch of beer this weekend. In my recent batch of goodies from Mr. Beer I bought some LME's pale, golden and robust along with some booster packs. As I understand you never boil the canned HME's. I have thought that I read somewhere on here that you CAN boil LME's and boosters. Is there a time limit as to how long you can boil them ? I read that when first dissolving booster to do it with cool/cold water and get it to completely dissolve first. Was thinking of doing a boil and adding 1/2 oz. of hops to the boil for like 10 minutes to get enhanced hop aroma and a bit of flavor before adding the Northwest pale ale HME after flame off along with adding 1/2 oz of same hop for about 7 days for dry hop before bottling. Comments on the boiling of the booster and LME's. Thanks
  5. I'm new to brewing, made my first pilsner following the recipe to a T, and am ready to bottle it here shortly. I got hooked after scouring all the forums and youtube, so I purchased a 2nd LBK to start red ale (specifically Rose's Rambling Red) which calls for an LME and booster pack. This may be a rather uninformed question, but how will these affect my specific gravity (both original and final), if at all? I'm wondering for future experimentations. A lot of forum topics are dedicated to whether or not to add a booster vs LME vs DME to change the flavor of a "base" recipe or raise the ABV. What numbers should I be looking for (besides taste test) to determine if fermentation is done?
  6. Howdy, Thanks to all of the loyal and helpful users of the community. I have my first batch now fermenting (Canadian Blonde) but have a question about booster use. I ordered a standard refill of Weissbier that comes with the standard booster (not LME) and have refills already (from a local K-Mart that carriers Mr. Beer refills) of Classic American Light and American Lager. After reading many opinions about booster use in general, I was looking for advice on which extracts the non-LME booster may be good to use on. Also, is the booster advisable for use in the Weissbier extract? Thanks for advice! Deano
  7. I picked up a LBK kit this week pretty cheap, and was excited to get it going this weekend. When I went to open the booster, it was a solid gel, so "sprinkling" it in didn't seem possible. I see booster is out of stock and doesn't come with newer kits. Can I still brew without it, or do I need an LME as well? Thanks!
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