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Found 4 results

  1. So.....I bottled my first batch today. And I'm reading the forum. Thanks for all the information. A few newbie questions: 1. There was some sediment in the bottom of the keg. Normal? 2. When I put the bottles in the fridge (after 4 weeks) do the bottles need to stand up or ok to lay on their side? 3. How long will the beer last in the fridge? Is there a recommendation? 4. When should I start my next batch? Thanks!
  2. I am looking for a smallish fridge I could pick up at Lowes or Home Depot to put an LBK in for temperature controlled recipes and also a place to fridge condition bottled beer. Family fridge is getting *too* small for my hobby, LOL! Any recommendations?
  3. So i'm T-1 1/2 weeks til bottling (maybe a little more with cold crashing), and I want to get the 750ml PET bottles from Mr. Beer. I was thinking of only using 6 for a batch to keep as a "reserve" and use smaller bottles to share. I would imagine it's more economical to collect used bottles and sanitize than buying more. What are the best types of bottles to use for this? What does everyone else use? TIA! NOT how I plan on bottling, btw!
  4. My second batch, the Winter Dark Ale, is about ready to bottle. I had some questions on this though - A. How long to "lager" this beer? Some of the Winter Dark Ale recipes say to give it a few months of lagering/conditioning - but I didn't see anything on the recipe directions that came with it. B. Regardless, if a beer will be kept longer in the bottles, either for conditioning or just over time, which is better to use - the PET bottles or glass bottles? I can do either, I have both. I was reading in a brewing book that PET is not good for keeping beer for long durations. Thanks for the feedback in advance. Michael
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