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Found 3 results

  1. I just got my Mr Beer 2G Fermenter and it looks like a seriously nice piece of equipment. I am curious about using a bottling wand for bottling. I have a bottling wand for my LBK that consists of rigid plastic and flexible tubing. I understand that flexible tubing is not used with the 2G fermenter but I do not see how to get the rigid wand to lock into the 2G Fermenter spigot while bottling. What am I missing? Or does only the Mr Beer wand work with the 2G fermenter? Thanks.
  2. I've bottled 6 batches using the LBK and a bottling wand. In two instances, the tubing has let go at the spigot end connected to the LBK. Any tips on keeping in on there? I periodically check through the bottling process but a tug on the tubing can cause it to let go at the spigot. My wife / brew helper is not too keen on brew spilling on hard wood kitchen floor. :-( Bottling activities may be relegated to the basement! :-)
  3. I bottled my first batch today and the bottling wand leaked like crazy! It wasn't a few drips after each bottle, but a constant drip drip drip. I ended up flipping the spigot up after each bottle. My wand consists of 3 pieces: a clear tube that inserts into the spigot, a blue tip that goes around the tube, and a small blue piece with a black rubber seal that rests inside the tip. Am I missing anything? I've read about a spring-loaded wand, but wasn't sure if the Mr. Beer wands had a spring? Or is the dripping normal? Thanks.
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