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Found 6 results

  1. Finally, I brewed a Hoppy CAL! ? Calidelic Mandarin IPA Classic American Light HME BrewMax Pale LME, 0.55 lb. Rahr 2-Row, 1.25 lb. Caramel 120L, 0.06 lb. Summit, 0.25 oz., 20 min. Azacca, 0.25 oz., 10 min. Galaxy, 0.25 oz., 7 min. Citra, 0.5 oz., half for 5 min. and the remainder @ flame-out Mandarin zest @ 10 min. Mandarina Bavaria, 0.5 oz. dry-hop along with additional mandarin juice/zest on Day 7 Safale US-05 Mash grains @ 152 F for 60 min. Sparge with 2-3 cups hot water 30 min. boil including LME OG 1.058 IBU 58 SRM 5 ABV ~5.5% Inspiration for this recipe: Mr. Beer Tangerously Hoppy IPA and New Belgium Citradelic Tangerine IPA.
  2. Brewed the following today, kind of a variation/experiment on the Horse's Ass Ale recipe: CAL + Booster 1/2 cup honey 1 oz Cluster Hops (steeped for two minutes) We'll see how it goes! Kevin
  3. Essentially utilizing an expired can of CAL (Classic American Light, for the uninitiated) as LME, I overwrote its profile and brewed a mini-mash Doppelbock. Calvator Doppelbock Classic American Light HME, best before Aug. 2016 BrewMax Smooth LME Weyermann Light Munich, 1.0 lb. Weyermann Vienna, 0.4 lb. Weyermann CaraAroma, 0.15 lb. Weyermann Melanoidin malt, 0.15 lb. Weyermann Carafa Special Type 2, 0.1 lb. Mr. Beer Crystal 60, 4 oz. Perle, 8.3% AA for 30 min. of the 60 min. boil Spalter Select, 3.1% AA for 20 min. Hallertau Mittelfruh and German Tettnang, 0.5 oz. ea. @ flame-out Saflager W-34/70 lager yeast Mash grains @ 154 F for 60 min. Batch sparge/mash-out @ 170 F for 10 min. Combine runnings. Add Smooth LME. Begin 60 min. boil. Add CAL @ flame-out. Chill wort by any means necessary. Make to vol. in LBK. Pitch lager yeast and ferment @ 55 F. Vital statistics TBD Cheers!?
  4. So... my first three batches (made with basic CAL kit refills plus local ingredients to approximate Horses Ass Ale, All American Gold and a mash up of the two were) less than awesome to say the least, even after 4 weeks of conditioning. I moved on to other batches and let a bunch of the originals sit and age out further. After over two months in the bottle, I sampled them all again last night and, predictably, there was definitely improvement... Where the honey in the Horse's Ass had made for a harsh, cidery mess originally, there was a slightly more mellow flavor and the apple twang was almost entirely gone. It's still a little edgy and too dry for the Cascade hop flavor to have a malty bed to lie in, but there's actually a slight honey note if you're looking for it. Drinkable and even enjoyable, but not necessarily a beer worth waiting 2 months for. The combination of the two recipes with CAL, DME, honey, Willamette and Cascade is better, too. Its higher alcohol leaves it with a little too much bite, but the malt base and the dryness from the honey sort of balance a little to give the bigger hop flavor someplace to land. All in all, pretty darn good, though still could mellow a little. The All American Gold was always the most drinkable, though it was a little inconsistent from bottle to bottle. That recipe is a winner as far as I'm concerned and the extra malt and smooth Willamette hops make it a pretty classic American-style beer. The natural fruitiness from the ale yeast pushes it away from the mild lager flavor profile but otherwise it's a big smooth, good tasting brew. The most interesting thing about that one is that where before I'd tasted a raw, edgy, slightly sweet, unfinished (extract) quality, now there's more malt and hops coming through and - I swear - just a hint of banana/wheat beer flavor in the finish. Just the yeast (finally) aging, I suppose, from slight acetaldehyde content to fully formed esters that affect the flavor in a better way. Anyway... quite good stuff. Bottom line is that I've moved on to much better beers that are fully formed and ready to drink in as little as 2 weeks in the bottle. I won't pour these out and they're much more share-able than they were originally, but I won't miss them much when they're gone.
  5. American Smooth Honey Ale ------------------------- Brewer: Style: Classic American Pilsner Batch: 2.20 galExtract Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.052 OG Recipe Bitterness: 36 IBU Recipe Color: 3° SRM Estimated FG: 1.013 Alcohol by Volume: 5.0% Alcohol by Weight: 3.9% Ingredients ----------- Honey 0.75 lb, Sugar, Other Mr. Beer BrewMax Smooth - LME 0.56 lb, Extract, Extract Mr. Beer/Coopers Classic American Light1.87 lb, Extract, Extract Falconers Flight 7c's- Aroma - Strong Fruit and citrus with layers of spicy nd earthty overtones1.00 oz, Pellet, 10 minutes Mr. Beer/Coopers Classic American Light1.00 oz, Pellet, 5 minutes Saaz (Czech) - Noble hop variety. Very spicy, cinnamon-like and earthy. recommended for Bohemian Pilsners and German and American Lagers0.50 oz, Pellet, 20 minutes Safale S-05 Dry Ale Yeast 1.00 unit, Yeast, American: Temperature Range: 59°-75° F 11.5 GRAMS Notes ----- Recipe Notes: Batch Notes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Might try this one out tomorrow. I have all these ingredients on hand. Its a lot of 7c's but I need to get rid of them before they go bad, not worth a freezer bag. I have a booster laying around too but I think Ill hold off. This is CAL from a kit I found at Target for $12. How does it look?
  6. I have an extra can of CAL and would like to make something with more flavor and ABV than the 3.1 that this would produce. I've read a few recipes that add a cup of honey to CAL and I am thinking of doing this. I don't have access to a local home brewing shop so any additional ingredients would have to come from a grocery store.
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