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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Looking forward in my upcoming brew schedule, I want to make an easy drinking summertime fruity beer. I have an extra can of Canadian Blond HME, and plan on using that. I have really liked the partial mash recipes that I have been doing. I haven't decided on the fruit to be used yet, but am leaning toward strawberry or perhaps Boysenberry. My thought for the recipe is to partial mash 4oz of Pilsen Malt, 2 oz of Carapils, 4 oz of 2-Row, and 2-4 oz of red wheat flakes. This would get added to the canned HME. (note: regular LBK size 2-1/2 gallon recipe). I am not looking to make a super strong beer, but not sure how much the above will add to the OG. If necessary, I could add some DME, but don't think that will be needed. I would brew this with either Mt. Hood hops or Glacier Hops. After 3 weeks in primary, I would rack to secondary and add the fruit for another 2-3 weeks. I would use a clean yeast such as WLP001, WLP051 or WLP029. In regards to the fruit, i plan on washing real good, then soaking the outside for a few minutes in sanitizer. I would then blend the fruit into a nice slurry in a sanitized blender, and add the beer on top. Anybody have any other suggestions? Does this recipe seam to be too much going on, or am I on the right track?
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