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Found 1 result

  1. I ran out of recipes to brew so this weekend I bought a few more including the "buy one, get one" American Ale extracts. Now I am contemplating how to rationally dress them up from just the basic extracts. I have a few extra items from past recipies that can be used and I bought some Pale LME to upgrade the basic America Ale to a deluxe version. Here are the ingredients I could conceivably use and I wanted to get input from the group. - American Ale Extract - 2 x Booster Packs (new smaller size = to one booster pack of old) - Pale LME - Carapalis Malt - 4 oz - 2 Row Malt - 2 oz - Standard MR. Beer Brewer's Yeast that comes with extract Questions - - should I use the boosters and the Pale LME? Or just the Pale LME? - will the Mr. Beer standard Yeast work if I do a partial mash with the Carapalis and / or 2 Row? - Should I partial mash with both Carapalis and 2 row? Or just Carapalis - What would the resulting beer be if I did all this? - Should I add any other additional items? Honey? Brown Sugar? Thanks for the thoughts!
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