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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all. Just tasted my 3rd batch, Dry River IPA. It was my first partial mash recipe (2 row, carapils, rye flakes. With 3 zythos additions during boil). The brewing process went fine. Fermentation was robust and beautiful (couldn't help peeking). I tasted my first bottle today and it was just "ok." My two main issues are 1) zero head and 2) it was a little flat. Taste was decent (not as bitter as I like my IPAs, but I can adjust next time with more bittering hops), color is good, and it is definitely drinkable. I'm looking for a little help troubleshooting the two above issues. A summary of how I got to this point with the Dry River: Fermented for 17 days. Cold crashed for 5 days. Bottled in 16 oz. Flip Top Grolsch style bottles. My goal during batch prime was 2.0 CO2. Conditioned for 19 days. I refrigerated for 48 hours prior to drinking. As I'm getting to the end of this pint, I can say I really like it, but I would love it if I could fix these issues. Any help is appreciated. Mongo
  2. So I've been reading a LOT on the forums, and will probably end up doing batch carbonation eventually. My question is, as a first time brewer (and I have 2 weeks and 6 days left before brewing, including cold crashing!), should I try doing batch right out of the gate, or go safe with bottle? Pros and Cons of both? Thanks!
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