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Found 2 results

  1. Introducing our newest recipe, Thunder Bay IPA. This beer is our take on Bell's Two Hearted Ale, which was recently named the Best Beer in America for 2017 by Zymurgy magazine, dethroning Pliny the Elder after its 8 year reign. You can get this recipe for FREE with the purchase of a Brewmax 2G fermenter. Or you can buy the recipe HERE. Happy International Beer Day!
  2. From the album: Brews

    This turned out to be a delicious little recipe using the basic CAL recipe. I was going for something a little hoppier so I added at flameout 2 oz of Centennial Hops w/ 1 lemon zest. I used US 04 yeast as well. Typical 3-4 week method and this is one fresh, refreshing beer! Pours a clear gold with a thin off-white head that remains throughout. Taste is crisp, hoppy, citrusy but not overwhelming -- really happy with the results. It was fine at 4 weeks, but I could tell a nice difference even at 5 1/2 weeks. Recommend not pouring every last drop in your glass as this one did have a fair amount of sediment in the first few bottles I opened. Having a BBQ this weekend and for the first time serving my home brew of this and Bewitched Amber Ale to guests.
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