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Found 5 results

  1. I'm still waiting on special ingredients to arrive from Mexico (OK..., Amazon) but for @MrWhy, @MRB Tim, and anyone else looking to craft a Belgian Cerveza, please post your recipe here! ?????
  2. Ok, I've read alot about the Mexican cerveza and how long it takes to finish and I have fermented it for over 3 weeks, and currently bottle conditioning for just over three weeks and had 1 bottle in the fridge for 3 days. I opened it and I tried it and it was really fizzy (like a soda pop) and very little head retention. It also didn't taste very much like Mexican beer. Does it need even more bottle conditioning? I can let it sit indefinitely, but after what time will it be at optimal? I currently have a NW IPA Almost ready.
  3. Can't sleep, may as well brew... As @MrWhy and @MRB Tim show no sign of giving up any ground in the Great Mexican-Belgian Beer War of 2017, I put together a hasty attempt at a Trappist Single mini-mash: Cerveza de Hermano (Brother's Beer) Mexican Cerveza HME Chateau Pilsner, 1 lb. Honey malt, 0.13 lb. Carapils, 0.25 lb. Mr. Beer Booster, 0.39 lb. Styrian Golding, 1 oz., 25 min. Crystal, 0.5 oz., 10 min. Saaz, 0.5 oz., 5 min. Mandarina Bavaria, 0.5 oz., Day 7 dry-hop Safbrew Abbaye yeast Mash grains @ 152 F for an hour. Sparge grains with 2-3 cups hot water. Dissolve booster; begin 30 min. boil. Hop as scheduled. HME @ flame-out Finish pint of Black Moon Weizen and return to bed.? OG. 1.054 SRM 4 IBU 37 ABV ~5.5%
  4. Hey everyone! I'm a new brewer in the Dallas, TX area! I have two LBKs. On Saturday evening, I began a brew of Aztec Mexican Cerveza. I used tap water for this brew, and without thinking about it, I refrigerated water in containers that were not sterilized, however I did sterilize all the utensils. On Sunday morning, I noticed that bubbles were rising, and the wort was producing a thick head of foam in the keg. By Sunday evening, it was a huge head, and I'm guessing that was high krausen. Monday it was about the same, and today it has almost completely subsided. I have not seen any sediment in this keg over the past several days. There are also no bubbles rising now. On Tuesday evening, I started a second brew of Aztec Mexican Cerveza in my second LBK. With this brew, I used tap water for the 4 cups for boiling, and bottled spring water that I refrigerated to fill the LBK before and after adding the wort. I didn't have time to check the keg this morning before leaving for work, but this evening I checked it and there is a head of foam, but it is not very big. However there are a lot of small bubbles coming up through the wort, almost roiling. There is also a large amount of sediment in this keg. I would imagine that both of them are fermenting, but could the lack of sediment in the first keg have anything to do with using tap water vs. bottled? Also, in the basic instructions, it says to allow 3 weeks for fermentation, but on the LME cans, it states 2 weeks for fermentation. I want to add lime juice and raspberries (canned and frozen) to both kegs for the final week of fermentation. Should I be aiming for a 3 week total fermentation before bottling or 2 week total fermentation before bottling? So should I add fruit at 1 week or 2 weeks?
  5. so found a guy selling a premium kit on craigslist just down the road from me. $20 got me a new LBK, bottles, sanitizer, carb drops, the whole kit and caboodle... including a can of Mexican Cerveza and Czech Pilsner. I am probably going to give the LBK and other equipment to a guy a work, but was looking for suggestions on what to do with the HMEs. If you've made it and loved it, with one of these HMEs, let me know. Thanks,
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