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Found 8 results

  1. Introducing something a bit different, but really great on these cold winter nights, our new Hot Mulled Cider! This is a very simple cider recipe that requires NO carbonation (though it would taste nice as a carbonated spiced cider, too). It will definitely warm you up, especially if you add a shot of rum or brandy to it for an extra kick. Get yours HERE!
  2. Have four LBK's sitting around and only use 2 for beer (picked up a few as spares during a $5 sale years ago), so I thought I would try one with cider. Found a recipe for Apfelwein online, basically apple juice and some sugar/yeast, figured I would give it a shot. I had a couple questions to any experienced cider brewers: 1 - Can I switch back and forth from beer to cider in LBK or designate it one or the other (like root beer). 2 - I have read a wide range of fermenting times (from days to months/a year). My idea is to ferment in the LBK for 3 weeks, but than I want to put it in a secondary. I was thinking of using some old beer Growlers, so I am curious if that would work just capping it, no airlock and storing it 2-4 more months in the dark just letting it mellow and than if I want to carb some of it, batch prime it like a typical beer and bottle it, or will I blow up the growler if kept at room temperature? I suppose I can move it to my 4th LBK and store it that way if the idea of the growler is no good, or can it be stored in the original LBK with no off flavors for several months? 3 - Temperatures similar to beer? My wine fridge has a top temp of 65 degrees which works great for my beer, assume it will work fine for cider, but figured can't hurt to ask. 4 - Types of yeast? Anyone have any insight. Seems some use cider yeast, some champagne some ale (S-05 has been mentioned and I have some laying about so that would be ideal, but not adverse to getting the right yeast if needed). 5 - Thoughts on carbonation (how to do it, if to do it at all), or just treat it like beer carbonation? 6 - any other thoughts on sweetening or anything I have missed? Anyone added Light DME to see if it has any effect on flavor? (assume it will up the ABV %) Thanks as always to everyone.
  3. We've just released a new cider recipe with more to come! Like hops, but can't have gluten? This cider's for you: Glacial Gold Hopped Cider - Infused with the woody, floral, and citrusy aromas of the complex, yet versatile Glacier hops, this isn’t your average cider. The hop aromas are the first thing to hit your senses, followed by a smooth, clean apple flavor. The late hop addition and dry-hopping method will prevent any bitterness from making itself present the beer. Instead, you only get the hop aromas and flavors, which pair perfectly with the floral and fruity apple notes. Perfect for gluten-free hop lovers.
  4. I bought the pear cider refill a month or so ago and I went to the Mr. Beer site to print the recipe, but it's gone. Also, I could find the apple cherry cider recipe. Don't 'spose you could find a way to share those with a brother, Josh?
  5. Awaiting the 3 week mark anxiously! My porter's gravity plateaued at 1.006FG by day 8; trying to hold out on bottling for the next 10 days (on day 11 now). Got cider going too, day 4 in ferm. Feel like a need just one more LBK or perhaps a 5gal so I can brew once a week and always have something to bottle and condition...
  6. From the album: First attempts

    My first setup, an old and new LBK side by side. On the we have a Chocolate Porter and the right, apple cider.
  7. Anybody do a hard cider using real apple cider instead of an extract? I bought some tonight and check the specific gravity just for the hell of it and it was reading about 1.060. Seems like that would be high enough to get a kick ass hard cider. Anybody ever combine apple cider with an HME?
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