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Found 3 results

  1. I brewed the Bavarian Weissbier Deluxe and after letting it ferment for 2 weeks I took it out to bottle. I noticed that there was yeast floating on the top and after sampling saw that the beer was cloudy. I tasted a small amount and it did taste like flat beer. I then opened the lid to examine the contents and yes it was cloudy and it looks like yeast was still floating on the top. Does it need to ferment longer? AND did I ruin my beer (if it did need to ferment longer) by opening the top? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. so.. got my first kit for xmas (8Lx) and followed the instructions to the t... its been kept at roughly 72 degrees for the duration... its the pilsner i got with the kit... so now after 2 weeks, it is suggested to bottle... going to do the 2-2-2... however i tasted a little sample and it came out cloudy, pale yellow... I had someone (2 people) taste it and they said it does taste like flat beer... I tasted it and i do taste of hint of that.. but i only had a sip.. the sample i took was about an ounce.... My question is... Is it ready to bottle??? or should i wait a few more days..
  3. So I have the hard cider brew kit I got for Xmas. Its been sitting for a week and I can't tell if its ready. I tasted it and it doesn't have a lot of flavor. There's still foam on top and its pretty cloudy yet. Theres also a bunch of crap on the bottom... Should I let it sit another week? Maybe stir it first? Help! Thanks!
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