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Found 4 results

  1. I cold crashed my Helles for the past 2 days. I see there are floating brown items on the top of the LBK. Is this infected? How to tell and what to do if it is?
  2. For the last two years I've brewed the Punkin Lager recipe and a variation of the Punkin Lager recipe and unfortunately, always had some small chunks in most of the bottles. Just brewed the Pumpkin Weissbier recipe and decided to cold crash for 48 hours. Did wonders. Every single bottle came out clear. Kevin
  3. Hey everybody! So, Ive read all of the intro info so far. I am making my first batch ever. I used to make wine with my grandfather as a kid. So, this seemed like an obvious hobby for me. My brother gave me an LBK kit of American light for Christmas. I had a hydrometer already (not exactly sure if I have the proper chamber for usage.) Nevertheless, my question lies within cold crashing. Does one cold crash American Light for 3 days or less? I am receptive to all possible outcomes. Also, I have the worlds smallest fridge, is there a better way? Thanks guys, M.
  4. On 2/8 I mixed up my first batch, Aztec, and put it in the LBK. Had it in a cooler sitting in my kitchen the air temperature, I didn't have a thermometer on the LBK, would have fluctuated from about 64 at night to about 71 during the day. I left it ferment until thursday 2/26, then put it in the fridge to cold crash. Today 2/28 I sterilized my bottles & caps and bottle primed. I then attached a wand I bought to fill the bottles from the bottom. And filled the bottles with the LBK sitting in the fridge, I also took a sample to check with my hydrometer. I was very pleased with the clarity and color of the beer. Also with the volume I bottled 2 - 750ml plastic bottles, 16 - 12oz bottles and 3 - 7oz bottles( this will be my early samples). But I'm not sure about the sample. I waited till it warmed to 70 then checked with the hydrometer. The reading was only about 1.75% that seems low, so I tasted it and although I liked the taste it seemed very cider or green apple to me. Did I cold crash to soon, it was 18 days from filling the LBK to the start of cold crash? Thoughts?
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