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Found 1 result

  1. Low Earth Orbit IPA - Wavelength Brewing Company - Vista, CA April 2016's collaboration is with Wavelength Brewing Company of Vista, CA! Limited edition recipe, EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK. L.E.O. IPA, or “Low Earth Orbit” IPA, is a highly quaffable session IPA with a complex hop profile that includes Columbus, Zythos, and Mosaic hops. While the Columbus and Zythos hops contribute to the hop bitterness and flavor to create a pungent hoppy base, the Mosaic hops take this even further with an incredible kaleidoscope of flavors. With a vibrant grapefruit aroma, and the flavors of citrus and tropical fruit, this brew showcases a “Mosaic” of flavors that this special hop variety provides. And with the addition of Victory, Vienna, and Carapils, this beer has a sufficient malt backbone to carry all of that hop flavor. The low ABV of this sessionable IPA will keep you at a Low Earth Orbit without sending you off into space. Unfortunately, the Mosaic hops are not sold separately. We were only able to get our hands on a very limited supply. But with the popularity this hop strain has gained recently, we hope it will become more accessible in the future so we can carry it permanently. http://www.mrbeer.com/leo-session-ipa-by-wavelength-brewery
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