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Found 6 results

  1. I would like to put a portion of my batch of Oktoberfest in a 5L mini keg (picture attached) I ordered from Amazon for use in a tabletop mini kegerator (SPT BD-0538). I am wondering if I scale bag the carbonation drops when I am conditioning as well as any other need to know tips. I have only ever conditioned in the bottles that came with my Mr. Beer kit. I did purchase additional rubber bungs. Following questions on Amazon is hopeless and there is a bunch of conflicting information. Any professional help is much appreciated!
  2. I just bottled my first batch a week ago. I was wondering.... Is feeling the bottles if they are firm or not the only way to tell if they are done conditioning? What are the signs that it is ok to chill and drink? Any other conditioning advice, secrets, tricks?
  3. I've had my first batch in the bottles at room temp which fluctuates between 72 to 64 for 8 days. At what point is it safe to assume the risk of bottle bombs has passed?
  4. I am going to bottle my first batch of Mr Beer tomorrow. I have the 750 o2 Pet Bottles. The recipe was Horses Ass First Question what is the difference between the regular pet bottles and the O2 barrier bottles? Becuase I am thinking about buying more so I can run another Batch. Second Question I saw someone on youtube Bottle his beer and he squeezed the bottle to remove the air is this correct way with the pet bottles? Third Question in a 750 ML Pet O2 bottle it says 2 conditioning tablets per bottle to carbonate. I have honey as my sugar in my batch, Is it ok to add a drop with the conditioning tablets to add flavor ? and do you condition every recipe at 68-76 degrees? Thanks for any help Norman Sands
  5. So I just finished my first batch of American light, and bottled it in the 740ml plastic amber bottles it came with(put 2carbo drops in each bottle). Now I need more bottles, I am going to Amazon and notice I have 2 options... Amber or Clear? Does this make a difference? Right now I have my conditioning beer bottles in a dark cabinet at room temperature. So does this affect the beer in any way? Thank you
  6. I'm a few days, ok 6, away from bottling my first batch. After reading a lot about how the beer will improve over time would really like to try the beer as it conditions and improves over the first 2 to 8 weeks. My first thought was to use one of the plastic bottles and just open it every week or 2 and take a taste. But after reading my thought is that won't work real feel. Then I remembered I had a few corona 7oz pony bottles. So I'm thinking of using these as my samples but I have 2 concerns. First how many drops or how much sugar should I use to prime these small bottles? Second they are clear bottles, if I let them condition in a dark location will this be OK? One final thing does the size of the bottle have any impact on how long to condition, or how long the beer will keep?
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