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Found 3 results

  1. I am new to home brewing, but have taken to it like a fly to sh*t.... I just can't get enough of watching brewing videos, reading posts and instructions...etc.. So I am still in the "educating" phase. I have my first batch of the "Classic American Light" fermenting right now, and would like to add some flavoring via, fresh blueberries, lemon zest, and Pomegranite juice and maybe some other spices. From what I have found so far, I should add 1lb of fruit p/gal of wort shortly after the fermenting has subsided, so about a week in to the process. Does anyone have any suggestions as to refute or substantiate this experimental information? thank you very much for the input.
  2. So I'm very new to brewing...i have only made the American Classic Light and it's carbonating now. I am a huge fan of pumpkin beers and really wanted to try my hand at it. I decided to try Pumpkin Rising based on the reviews and description. I know I probably won't come out with the absolute best first try, but I want to try to tweak and perfect it by fall. SO ANYWAY. I went to a few stores today and could not find Pumpkin puree or mulling spices....and "yes honey i checked in the baking aisles." The only thing I could find was an imitation pumpkin extract and 100% Pure Pumpkin. Can I use these and if not what would you recommend. I checked Wal-Mart and Aldi. Tomorrow I'm going to look at Giant Eagle(Pittsburgh based Supermarket). Well Off to the coal mine...i'll be anxiously waiting to see all of your suggestions and replies! Also any tips on making a great Pumpkin beer. I'm a huge fan of Jack-O-Travelers. Thanks, Tim
  3. I bought an LBK a while back, and brewed the American Light that came with it. I followed the MR. BEER included instructions TO A TEE (correct temperature and sanitizing while brewing, ideal ferment temp and time, exact amount carbo drops and ideal carbo temp and time). I chilled the beers in the fridge for two weeks, like it says to do. It was after tasting my almost unenjoyable "liquid bread" that I figured it was just because it was American Light (light beers are a waste of hops) and there must be a reason they toss this kind in with your kit as a 'freebie'.. So I looked online and found a bunch of awesome sounding refill kits and didn't hesitate to order some beers that I myself would buy at The Beer Store (you guys in Ontario will know what I'm talking about). I received them yesterday and am anxious to get some more brewing today. I got Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, Diablo IPA, American Ale, Northwest Pale Ale, Pale BrewMax LME SoftPack, along with a Professional Bottling System. ANYWAY, long story short.. Some cans are bigger than others. Can I use them all in my LBK, or do I need to split into two batches, or get a bigger fermenter?
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