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Found 3 results

  1. Today I am having a Chili and beer tasting party. My second such occasion. The first party I had early in the spring was virtually all extract beer. I have since branched out to virtually all partial mash recipes. We shall see how these are received! I find them much more balanced than my earlier efforts! On hand will be: - Sir Kenneth - Dry River IPA - Naughty Cream Ale - Hop Stimulator - Chug-a-lugger - 1776 Ale - Diablo - Apple Brown Beery (about the only one my wife likes) - Brown Bag special - El Gordito I seem to make the beer faster than I can drink it so a beer party is a good way to share the fun and drink down the inventory!
  2. My wife is a big horse racing fan and hosts a Kentucky Derby party at our house every year. She obviously looks to me to brew a beer to showcase to keep people interested in coming. Last night the conversation turned to what I wanted to brew when I was asked about a Mint Julep beer. At first my stomach turned just thinking about a mint flavored beer but the more I thought about it the better I liked the idea. My cousin and i came up with an all grain cream ale recipe with an addition of 1/2oz mint leaves soaked in an ounce of Woodford Reserve bourbon added to secondary. First weekend in January we brew the base Cream Ale then around Valentine's day we brew the Mint Julep Cream Ale to be ready by derby day. Batch size 4.5 gal target boil volume, 3.5 gal target ferment volume OG: 1.047 FG: 1.012 abv: 4.5% SRM: 3 IBU: 19 Grain bill: 5.25lb American 2 row 1/2lb Flaked Corn 1/4lb Carapils Hops: 0.25oz Perle 60 min 0.75oz Perle 5 min Yeast: SafAle US-05 Irish moss 1tsp 15 minutes. Once we brew the base recipe the next batch we'll add the bourbon soaked mint leaves in secondary.
  3. We just released a new recipe, Naughty Cream Ale! The flaked corn coupled with Carapils gives this beer a creamy texture, without bogging it down with too much malt flavor. It's very well-balanced and drinkable. http://www.mrbeer.com/naughty-cream-ale-partial-mash Cheers!
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