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Found 2 results

  1. so found a guy selling a premium kit on craigslist just down the road from me. $20 got me a new LBK, bottles, sanitizer, carb drops, the whole kit and caboodle... including a can of Mexican Cerveza and Czech Pilsner. I am probably going to give the LBK and other equipment to a guy a work, but was looking for suggestions on what to do with the HMEs. If you've made it and loved it, with one of these HMEs, let me know. Thanks,
  2. Hi beer guzzlers! I brewed my first batch with the LBK kit the day after X-Mas 2014. I followed the included book directions with the included Czech pilsner and even checked this forum before proceeding. I fermented for one month in a nice dark room temperature place. I carbonated 3 weeks. I popped them open last weekend, and I dunno... the beer as almost no head. I mean none. There are some obvious bubbles in the mix, but the beer seems flat to me with no head. The taste is actually okay, but its just.... flat! Any pointers for this noob? Is the Czech pilsner supposed to have a head? Did I open the bottles too soon? Should I put more sugar in? Thanks!
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