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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I grabbed a cheap Oktoberfest kit online recently, but I definitely want to add a malt extract to it. In my first few attempts, all of my beers, no matter the style, have had the same sort of weak and "generic" taste to them. I did add a DME to my last batch of Canadian Blonde ale, and while it was noticeably better, it was still there. So my primary goal is to attain a full-bodied flavor and avoid that weak taste, and along with giving the beer plenty of fermentation time and keeping it the right temperature, I think the malt extract will be a big help again. Since I am making an Oktoberfest, I am guessing that the "Smooth" extract is the one that would best suit that style - is that correct? My only other question is if there is a strong preference for using DME over LME. The DME was a bit of a pain for a beginner like me, and I hear that the only thing different about the LME is that it might make the beer a tad darker - which I think I want anyway for this one. Unfortunately I am paying twice as much in shipping as I am for the actual LME packet, but I don't think there's any avoiding it. I essentially got the rest of the kit for free, so oh well. Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. I was looking for a basic list of ingredients for a beginner to start to brew without just "adding water".... like a list of easily available yeasts, then a list of available LME's and DME's, and a list of common, and then not so common hops... This would be like "mix and match"....(at your own peril, mind you) and it would be a great way for a new brewer to get their feet wet and experiment. I know there are tonnes of recipes, but this is a way to experiment and learn in the process..
  3. I know I've posted a bit recently, but I'm planning the next few batches. Here's what i have for a basic 5 gallon American Wheat: 3# Pilsner DME 3# wheat DME 6oz red wheat malt .5oz magnum @60 .5oz Hallertau @40 .25oz Citra @20 Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated as always!
  4. I've been working on a recipe for an Oatmeal Stout, here's what I've come up with. I plan to make it this weekend any comments or suggestions would be appreciated . Oatmeal Stout Recipe Characteristics via QBrew Recipe OG 1.069 Estimated FG 1.017 Recipe Bitterness 40 IBU ABV 6.7% Recipe Color 60° SRM Ingredients 1.87 lb Mr. Beer St. Patrick’s Irish Stout 4 oz Flaked Oats 4 oz Chocolate Malt 4 oz Barley 1.5 lb Briess Dark DME 1 pkt Mr. Beer Yeast I plan on steeping the grains in 4 qt of water at 160 for 30min. Rinsing with 2 qt of hot tap water Then bringing the pot to boil and adding the DME. Remove from heat and add the St Patricks HME Adding to the LBK topping of the water and letting it cool to 65 or lower Pitch the Mr. Beer Yeast I was also thinking about adding 1 tbs of coca powder to increase the Chocolate flavor. Again I'd appreciate any comments.
  5. Hey all, looking at recipes and wondering if I'd be able to switch out DMEs in this porter I found. 1 Can MB American Porter 1 LB Briess Traditional Dark DME 1 Cup dextrose (corn sugar) 1/2 Cup Quick Oats. Bring ~1.5 - 2 qts bottled water to boil. Flameout. Add DME, sugar, oats. Bring back to boil. Put 1 Gal Spring Water into LBK Cut gallon jug in half to make a big funnel and a square deep dish. Put hot water into dish and put HME can into hot water. Boil wort for 15 minutes. Flameout. Add warmed HME to wort Allow wort to cool Put funnel into top of LBK Put sieve into the mouth of the funnel Pour wort through funnel, catching oatmeal Pour second gallon of spring water through sieve to wash the oatmeal. Pitch yeast at 80 degrees Shake LBK for about a minute to aerate the wort. Fermenting at ~73 per strip thermometer on front of LBK I'd add about 1.5oz of cold brewed coffee at bottling (22oz bottles). My question is, would I be able to swap out the Dark DME for Great Western C75? I'd like more caramel flavor to come through, while hopefully keeping the beer on the darker side. Could I perhaps add 1.25lbs GW C75 and .5lbs Breiss Black Patent or Blackprinz malt to get a bit of the caramel flavor without sacrificing a darker beer? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Good Morning ForumBrewers! This recipe calls for DME which I have not had any experience with, so I followed the instructions to the letter (brought half the pack to a boil/hot break, boiled Saaz hops for an additional 10 min., flame-out and stirred in the remaining DME, then added the GBCPilsner HME. From a brewing standpoint, what exactly is happening here? Why not just use the old familiar Softpack instead? Why boil only half the DME? This is also the first recipe I've done that calls for an actual hop boil, rather than just tossing it in prior to HME. So maybe too many questions and not enough sleep, but my experience on the forum tells me that if you don't ask, you do not learn! PS. Can I also brew ales at 2:30 AM?
  7. As I was preparing my wort for a slightly kicked up Aztec the other evening it hit me that I was measuring my sugar & DME using my household measuring cups. While this is fine for this beer since I'm not following a recipe, it occurred to me that in general I should be weighing my dry ingredients. True or False?
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