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Found 2 results

  1. Today I am having a Chili and beer tasting party. My second such occasion. The first party I had early in the spring was virtually all extract beer. I have since branched out to virtually all partial mash recipes. We shall see how these are received! I find them much more balanced than my earlier efforts! On hand will be: - Sir Kenneth - Dry River IPA - Naughty Cream Ale - Hop Stimulator - Chug-a-lugger - 1776 Ale - Diablo - Apple Brown Beery (about the only one my wife likes) - Brown Bag special - El Gordito I seem to make the beer faster than I can drink it so a beer party is a good way to share the fun and drink down the inventory!
  2. Hi all. Just tasted my 3rd batch, Dry River IPA. It was my first partial mash recipe (2 row, carapils, rye flakes. With 3 zythos additions during boil). The brewing process went fine. Fermentation was robust and beautiful (couldn't help peeking). I tasted my first bottle today and it was just "ok." My two main issues are 1) zero head and 2) it was a little flat. Taste was decent (not as bitter as I like my IPAs, but I can adjust next time with more bittering hops), color is good, and it is definitely drinkable. I'm looking for a little help troubleshooting the two above issues. A summary of how I got to this point with the Dry River: Fermented for 17 days. Cold crashed for 5 days. Bottled in 16 oz. Flip Top Grolsch style bottles. My goal during batch prime was 2.0 CO2. Conditioned for 19 days. I refrigerated for 48 hours prior to drinking. As I'm getting to the end of this pint, I can say I really like it, but I would love it if I could fix these issues. Any help is appreciated. Mongo
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