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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, Recently received 2 mr beer kits (2 gallon) for Christmas. I tried the first one and it leaked by spicket even after multiple attempts to adjust the tightness. I thought it may have been a bad fermenter so I opened the second fermenter and tried it with that one and had the same results. I did not start any brewing, just trying to make fermenter leak free. Any suggestions? I already am sending one fermenter back as I didn't need 2, just happened to get 2 for holidays. Sometimes it looks like the drops form on the bottom of the fermenter, but I think it's just where the water is building up from spicket (hopefully). Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated, I was real excited to try to make my own easy home brew and am quite disappointed at this point, I would rather make it work then return it. Thanks.
  2. I have a Mr. Beer Porter batch in a temperature controlled fridge set at 65 +- 1 deg. I am wanting to do a different batch each week until I get a supply up. This has been the first time I have been this aggressive and just started using the fridge recently. My question is this. If I put a new LBK in the fridge, should I move the temperature probe to the new LBK or just leave it alone? I know the new LBK will get warmer once it gets going, so my thought was to move it, but not sure if I am correct in my thinking. I believe most of these recipes call for US-04 or US-05, just to give a frame of reference. Mike
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