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Found 9 results

  1. Hey, I just brewed an ale recipe and I thought I would try the BRY 97. I pitched it dry (since everything I checked says there was very little noticible difference) and as others stated it took a little while to get going. Once it did, the kreuzen was thick and was smelling great. Now after 7 days, the kreuzen is still very thick and hasn't started to settle out too much yet. It was fermenting at 64F but now I raised the temp ever so slightly to 66-67F and I'm expecting to speed things up a bit.. Any thoughts?
  2. Several weeks ago, I made the St. Patrick's Irish Stout Deluxe Kit in my LBK. However, after things began fermenting a couple of hours later, the entire contents began to leak and make a REAL mess. It was annoying having to clean everything up and throw everything out. So, I thought I'd use a regular 5-gallon fermenting bucket with an airlock next time. And, boy did this help! The krausen rose to over the 3-gallon mark, but the bucket held everything. No mess! I then racked the fermented brew off the yeast into my clean and sanitized LBK and used that as my bottling bucket. It worked great! So, now I just use my own fermenting bucket and the LBK as my bottling bucket with great success. Anyone else out there with leaks or messes should give this method a try.
  3. Ok, I've read alot about the Mexican cerveza and how long it takes to finish and I have fermented it for over 3 weeks, and currently bottle conditioning for just over three weeks and had 1 bottle in the fridge for 3 days. I opened it and I tried it and it was really fizzy (like a soda pop) and very little head retention. It also didn't taste very much like Mexican beer. Does it need even more bottle conditioning? I can let it sit indefinitely, but after what time will it be at optimal? I currently have a NW IPA Almost ready.
  4. First time making a home brew and I only had a list of ingredients and some directions. My quest is was it ok to pour my entire wort into my container for fermenting? My wort was made up of Munich Malt, Vienna and Chocolate grain, all put into a bag for steeping. Then I added DME Golden Light (Dry Extract) dissolving it in. The added Perle boiling for 45 min and adding another round of Perle for 15 min. I coolded to 70 deg and poured it all into my container and added yeast then agitated for ten minutes. So again my question is what I did ok and I will wait for 4 weeks and filter when bottling? PLease let me know Thank you.
  5. Hi all, after watching the videos and reading the instructions I jumped in quickly and brewed a few batches of beer with the 2 LBKs I got as gifts recently. So a few questions I wanted to clarify to improve my brewing process in the future: 1. What is the proper fermenting period for beers? I tried per instructions for both batches - 7 or so days for the basic light LME and 10 or so days for the Bewitched Amber Ale LME. I let the Bewitched go an extra 2 days to boot. I figured it was better to wait a little longer, but how much longer? 2. How much sugar should be added when bottling? The Mr Beer instructions say 2.5 Tbs for the 1 liter bottles...so I estimated about 1 Tbs for the 12 oz bottles. But on several forums I've read people suggest 0.5 Tbs is sufficient for 12 oz bottles. If too much sugar is added during bottling, how will this effect the beer? 3. I got a bit more creative on the 2nd batch with Bewitched and added 3 sets of hops to it. I started a 60 minute boil with just 1 set of hops, then LME, then added a set of hops at the 30 and 45 minute marks. My wort smelled sufficiently hoppy when I poured it into the LBK to begin fermentation. But unfortunately when I bottled it, it did not smell hoppy at all. My first thought was I didn't use enough hops (a total of 1.5 oz of Cascade and Centennial). Is it still likely it will have some hop taste in a few weeks even if the aroma wasn't present during bottling? Or should I have let it ferment longer? Does longer fermentation affect hop smell/taste? 4. And related to #3, when adding hops is there a set of basic steps to follow? Hops then malt? Malt then hops? Both at the same time? I've watched youtube videos of people who boil the hops separately to make a "hop tea" and then add the LME after a 10-15 minute hop tea boil. I've seen videos of people boiling the LME and then adding the hops. I imagine it's "to each his own", but as a beginner it'd be nice to start with a basic hop recipe plan. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am new to home brewing, but have taken to it like a fly to sh*t.... I just can't get enough of watching brewing videos, reading posts and instructions...etc.. So I am still in the "educating" phase. I have my first batch of the "Classic American Light" fermenting right now, and would like to add some flavoring via, fresh blueberries, lemon zest, and Pomegranite juice and maybe some other spices. From what I have found so far, I should add 1lb of fruit p/gal of wort shortly after the fermenting has subsided, so about a week in to the process. Does anyone have any suggestions as to refute or substantiate this experimental information? thank you very much for the input.
  7. Hello guys, I'm fermenting my second batch of beer (Oktoberfest with LME/DME) and 2.5 weeks into the fermentation process. I just sampled the Ocktoberfest in the fermenter, and have a few questions. I was surprised the beer was smooth, and almost "light' in its flavor. I expected a darker beer to have much more bitterness, and a bold, full-flavor. My beer tastes like a light beer, with a wheat smoothness. Is this normal? Will the flavor change during the conditioning process? I have been holding fermenter around 68*, and I used spring water. I appreciate everybody's advice. Thanks Zane
  8. I got a Mr. Beer LBK for Christmas and put my first batch in the barrel to ferment 2 weeks ago. And placed the LBK in a cooler, to help minimize temperature variation. The cooler has been sitting in my kitchen. But here's the issue, I have a programable thermostat so the temp in my house fluctuates from a low of 62 overnight to 70 in the evening. While I'm waiting to bottle I've been reading about the importance of keeping a consistent temp and letting the fermentation go for 3 weeks instead of 2. My question for the final week should I keep the LBK in the cooler in the kitchen where it's been or move it to the basement that stays a pretty consistent 62 degrees this time of the year?
  9. I'm enjoying learning this & brewing up some beer. New batch of beer is fermenting. I'm doing the Winter Dark Ale, Deluxe. Brewed last night and put the LBK in the Coleman cooler I've been using. Termometer on LBK was showing 73-74 degrees last night & this morning - I have two thermometers, the free Mr Beer one with the check mark, and a strip that I bought at a local home brew supplier. Both on the LBK below the liquid level. I checked it again tonight and the temp is rising, getting higher 70s at about 75 - 76 range. Mr Beer thermometer showing blue. Put it back in the cooler. I'm still in the range, but I also know the fermenting is going to produce heat. I'm part checking this out from the curiosity to see how the process evolves, part to make sure it is going ok. Should I try to cool it down in the cooler at all or just let it go? Is there a point at which I should start to fuss with the temp to prevent spoiling the fermentation? I could just open the cooler lid and let some of the heat escape - we have a winter storm coming in now so I'm sure it will be a little cooler in the room. Michael
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