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Found 2 results

  1. Hi beer guzzlers! I brewed my first batch with the LBK kit the day after X-Mas 2014. I followed the included book directions with the included Czech pilsner and even checked this forum before proceeding. I fermented for one month in a nice dark room temperature place. I carbonated 3 weeks. I popped them open last weekend, and I dunno... the beer as almost no head. I mean none. There are some obvious bubbles in the mix, but the beer seems flat to me with no head. The taste is actually okay, but its just.... flat! Any pointers for this noob? Is the Czech pilsner supposed to have a head? Did I open the bottles too soon? Should I put more sugar in? Thanks!
  2. My first batch was ready on Saturday. It was the standard CAL that came with my kit. Have to say I was a little better than I expected! I am really excited about my upcoming batches now. My second LBK came with the CAL as well, but once I get through that batch I will be into the real good stuff. I jump right into the deluxe refills to boost the body, head retention and ABV to something I am more used to in Canadian Beer. I've got Canadian Blonde conditioning in bottles, Czech Pilsner and Oktoberfest Lager in the kegs. All three with the LME added.
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